Wednesday 11 August 2010

Purple wall with bubbles...

Do you know how much I love colourful rooms and painted walls??? And I cant tell you how happy I feel when you share your rooms with me…. When you share the love you bestow on those walls… with me… Ri’s room was painted purple a while ago, but last weekend, Geeta decided to put bubbles as borders.
What makes it happy is that Geeta drew the circles with a pencil on the wall and Ri & Ro coloured the bubbles.
With the addition of sheer panels, a curtain rod with a red bulb to go with the bubbles… a few photo frames… and the room is filled with lots of love.
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  1. I really liked it. Everything looks so aesthetically done :). Compliments and thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a great idea sharing meaningful spaces with people love it . Made me smile this morning.

  3. I really liked it:)

  4. Lovely! :) what could be better than colorful bubbles, personalized by the kids! Kudos to geeta and Ri and Ro.

  5. Your blog is a source of creativity for the designing mind as well as those who are not so much inclined to designing like myself.

    My kids and I had fun doing this room and thank you for sharing it with your readers.

    Spread love and keep your great work going!!!


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