Wednesday 11 August 2010

Tagged by Room Polish…

Mary is my new blogger friend…. She blogs at Room Polish and every time I visit, I love her blog more and more. She was the first one to contribute to my August table top as well… Now.. I've been tagged and its as simple as answering a few questions.. So I thought I'll give it a go...
Q1 - What’s a perfect styling for you??
If we are talking about clothes, then Im a bit of a bore. To work I’m normally in my black trousers, matching handbag, high heel shoes, laptop & notepad… When I’m not at work, I’m in the same pair of jeans… and a pink tee… *smiles*
With my home, I love anything India…. Loads of dashing colours, bring on the orange, yellow, pink, aqua & green… I am sure my blog speaks my colours out!!
Q2 - On what do you spend most of your money?
Oh gosh… that’s so difficult to tell.. mainly on travel, and other silly things around the house… Have you read my lamp story??? Need you ask more?
Q3 - What's your favourite song at this moment?
Today I like… I can show you the world
Q4 - Which excellences do you think you have?
Ha ha ha.. I’m not sure really… That’s something you need to tell me… *smiles*

Q5 - And What are your failings?

Failings… I want to do so much more… 24 hours just isn’t enough for me. I want to give back to society in some way… I do some stuff now… but that’s just not enough. Wish I had two more hands, one more brains and lots of money… I’d like a few things rectified. *sigh* my touchy topic.. Lets not talk about it now…

As for now.. I’m tagging a few blogs I love…
Ladies... stop being lazy.. and do the tag.. please!!


  1. Patty, this is beautiful!! What do I need to do for the tag??

  2. cool idea...yes, what do we do?
    Just answer the questions in the form of a post on our blog???

  3. Amazing..but dear what do we need to do?

  4. I will work on this, Patty :)


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