Thursday 5 August 2010

Part 1 – a chance meeting

Do you know how much I love painted walls & murals??? I wasn’t sure if I should call this a ‘home tour’ or a chance meeting with an amazing artist?? I bumped into Padmaja’s work on her blog and was spell bound…. So just had to share it with you all… Here are some pictures of her paintings that are on the walls of her home and her son’s home. Everything you see on these walls are painted by Padmaja…. Now can you see why I am so impressed?? This patrticular one is my favourite, she left spaces of 4ft & 6ft on the walls she wanted to paint, with just a primer coat and made teak wood frames & fixed them on the walls… She painted the spaces later. Here is what she has to say -
First of all, let me thank Patricia for giving an opportunity on her blog to express myself. This thoughtful act of hers to reach out to others has in fact prompted me to paint on the subject "Reaching out".. so hope you look out for that post soon

I have been painting Tanjore art for years now and slowly have branched out to other mediums/styles as I felt that I was not growing much as an artist. I needed the kind of discipline to paint regularly, to keep a goal for myself to do something worthwhile with my art. Blogging is one way of commitment and that is how I started adding my paintings on my blog very recently. I paint for the joy that gives me and share what I paint with others hoping that my work bring joy to some at least. I love to experiment with different styles and techniques because that is a constant work for my brain to think and react. It is also a kind of meditation for me, it is easy to be in the present when I am painting. Usually, I paint what I have seen and enjoyed, right from the glassy bubbles on my morning coffee to the magnificent Grand Canyon! I try to add a bit of life's experience to each of my work. I do love to do abstracts and run my imagination down to weave a story on what I have produced as an abstract.

So calm & serene… The paintings on the wall and the décor are just simply beautiful.

Next week, I will be showcasing more from her paintings and her home… There is one particular outdoor painting that I simply love…. So watch this space for more!!!

You must check out her work on her blog… The World is a Rainbow - Its truly inspirational!!!
Are you as spell bound as me??? Do you feel the magic?? Bet you cant wait for part 2!!
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  1. OMG..Just loved it!! of my best buddy (Patty) is featuring the home and work of my another best pal (Padmaja)!!!:)
    Today I am the happiest person probably :)
    I am a huge fan of Padmaja's work and an avid reader of her blog to!...
    Superb Padmaja! so proud of you dear:)...what a work...what a get-up !!
    The decor is so modern, so refreshing, so practical...simply brilliant :)
    Thanks a bunch Patty for this lovely lovely post !!:))

  2. wow!! This is like a treat to me... I m buying a house in smtime and looking for great interior ideas... :) This was fab :)

  3. Wow, I am as spellbound as you are PAt, loved the first picture and the idea of framing up a painted wall. Gr8 find Pat.

  4. Goodness! Padmaja, I just discovered your blog recently....had no idea that there were so many beautiful painting behind it...Love the boat painting in your kitchen/breakfast bar area!! Lovely homes, lovely at a loss of words here. Beautiful!

  5. What a great place and the art..oohhhhh. I would not be able to choose a favorite but the first one I could definitely see on my walls. Thanks for showing us her home. She is a lovely person.

  6. She is both a marvellous artist and a marvellous person.

  7. Beautiful! Just love the beautiful colors and lighting.

  8. Wow, she is talented. I love the one above the bed of the beautiful sunset.

  9. Oh the colors are stunning! Thanks for sharing this!


  10. This is beautiful. I have seen her blog but not all these.
    they are magnificent. This home decor is also great as i need lots of! Thankyou!

  11. Pat - I just talked to Padmaja and reserved 4 paintings for myself- 1 of which is a series of 3 paintings
    Padmaja not only paints beautifully, but is such a lovely person!
    As she said, all proceeds from the sale go for a Social cause, to support physically challenged children.
    Thanks Pat, for sharing the beautiful pictures and introducing us to a lovely painter and human being.
    All this blogging has introduced me to some lovely people, many of whom i have become friends di ka connection friends...:-)

  12. Beautiful artwork, lovely lighting and colors.

  13. what gorgeous work! loved the idea of painting a wall & then putting a frame around it.


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