Friday 27 August 2010

Tanu's table top

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about ‘August table top’. Its awesome to see your pics and know a little about you… Here is Tanu’s table top. When I saw the pics I had to post it instantly.
You do know how much I love lanterns, don’t you?? So the minute I saw this.. I simply had to post it!!
Tanu's images are so gorgeous... serene and calm...
‘Cozy Corners’ is our subject for September. So bring in your photographs and a little story about your Cozy Corner. I cant wait to start this link… *smiles*


  1. These pics are amazing! as the whole series, by the way... You have collected a wonderful panorama of inspiration. Thank you for this initiative!

  2. Oh!! beautiful pictures...Glad I visited your blog.


  3. amazing photos... the light spreads out such a serene and calm feeling!

  4. Tanu's photography is such amazing and the dark side of the photography can be seen, which is enlightning and so pretty..

  5. Lovely pics, amazing effects..


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