Monday 23 August 2010

Last week - table top August

Joining the August table top is Sruthi from Washington. She loves to arrange & re arrange her pretty home.... Below are some pics of her side table...
I love little clusters ... dont you??
This one is of her coffee table...
Well this week is focussed on table tops as the link is open till end of August. Do join in the fun!! Thanks Sruthi for sending me these lovely pics....


  1. Love these simple arrangements, esp her coffee table one. Good stuff, Sruthi!

  2. Lovely arrangement, shruti..

  3. Very pretty! Love the first photo. I have the same plant too.

  4. Nice plant and arrangement.
    I am so sad that I could not participate this time.Camera troubles and then laptop troubles.Hope you will host this again.

  5. @Patty:Thanks for posting.
    Ladies, thank you.

  6. Very pretty...That plant looks so healthy! Good work, Shruthi!!


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