Friday 15 October 2010

From my Treasures - Ganesha and new beginnings

I have always loved festivities. They spell cheer, colour, glee, love, neat décor, good food, new beginnings, some-sweet-things to sweet nothings and so much positivity. Only second to vacations, most great memories too are made during these times.

What they also bring out for most is the best from their treasures!

This festive season, Patty has given me the opportunity to begin sharing stuff from my treasures. Thank you Patty and am truly thrilled to be onboard.

Talking of new beginnings, I would like to share with you one of my favourite creations this season. The Ganesha pendant.

I beaded a green turquoise slab along a line of faceted blue agate and toyed with a zillion ideas to portray Ganesha on the slab. That is, until I ransacked my treasure box for matte gold paint (had settled to paint one on it) but instead, found these tiny clay Ganeshas my sister sent me 2 years ago, bottled away and forgotten amongst other trinkets.

'I was delirious' is an understatement and so didn’t waste a minute before I settled him on the slab and touched him up with a few strokes of translucent green paint to come up with this.

…which now looks like this and has been bought off by a really dear friend to add to her treasures.

My festivities had begun!

Here’s wishing all of you a happy festive season too. :-)

P.S: E-mail me on if you wish to own any of my treasures which are now showcased on ‘Harshi Creates’ at Facebook.


  1. Hi Harshita,

    Thanks for the visit! Wishing you a happy festive season as well.


  2. Harshita,

    Your creations are beautiful.. Well done on the 1st post.. Welcome on board!! :-)

  3. Harshita, that necklace is gorgeous. Hope to see more of your work in this space!

  4. Hey Harshi - Awesome post...:-) Loved it!!! so now i get even more inspired to restart my beading collection...:-)

    Pat - It was the beads that started our friendship...across the Atlantic:-)

  5. Harshi- Awesome Post!!! You are a creative genius! This piece is FABULOUS and I am soooo glad that it is going to someone who knows its value. Wishing you never ending creativity.
    Pat: Hats off to you to recognize Anpu and Harshi's genius'ness' and giving them your lovely platform to share:)

  6. Harshita, that blue and green necklace is beautiful! Awesome to see your work to check your FB page!

  7. wow, this is gorgeous. I am a fan!!!

  8. The blue green nacklace and the pendant are stunning. It is beautiful!

  9. Congratulations on the first post -- glad you finally took the leap! And the necklace is lovely... always a big fan of your work! S

  10. This is just GORGEOUS !! I really do love Ganeshas; the elephant-headed Lord is beautiful in all his forms :-D

    Excellent posts Harshi !

  11. It is an awesome creation, will make the wearer stand out in a crowd!

  12. Here's to many more posts and may you never stop creating.

  13. Hi Harshi!!! Am so so so proud to see your creativity splashed all over the net!!! Yipee!!! Keep up this gorgeous work!!! Love you!!!

  14. Wow Harshi! You are SO talented. I love the colours. I'm off to check your FB page.


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