Thursday 14 October 2010

Gifted Craft

Many many years ago, I wouldn't have imagined that I'd be writing about craft someday. My sister was the artsy one between us, so I never felt the need to explore my talent. I was content with singing and writing, which were my inherent passions.
Fast forward to 2007. We moved here to Abu Dhabi from Mumbai with a 1 year old curious little toddler. While in the quest to discover and implement cost-effective decor ideas, my inherent craftsy self began to unravel itself slowly and steadily, in little ways. I started to view leftover cardboard, old tins, old boxes and other such items as potential craft material. I can safely say that I am a certified junk hoarder. More on that later :)
Last weekend I had to wrap gifts for my nieces and as always I decided to make my own gift tag. A gift tag is the small card stuck on to the gift which has the giver's name and a small greeting.
I used some leftover wrapping paper, and created a leaf-patterned gift tag.
You can do it with either a stencil or by free-hand drawing. I really prefer freehand as I'm usually precise with it.
Try it and watch the delight on your loved one's face when you give them something that you have crafted yourself. My niece was thrilled !!


  1. Ingenious!! Loved it!

  2. Pretty cool...i am one for personalized gift wraps little one usually does the tags as she is marvelous with sketching beautiful i jst cut out the shape and size for her, and she 'decks' it up.

  3. That craft talent was in you all the time! These little tags are great!

  4. Oh lovely!! Urmi.. welcome on board!! I cant wait to see more posts from you.. specially during Diwali season.. of all the rangolis.. :-)

    The little tags are great.. Sims & I do this all the time!

  5. Sure Patty, will definitely do a Rangoli special on 29th October :-D since Diwali falls in the week following that.


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