Sunday 10 October 2010

A learning curve - Pree's event!

I’m enjoying the ‘Beyond five days of Durga Puja’ on Pree’s blog.!! Its given me an insight view of what really goes on… Thank you Pree!!

Yesterday we were at a friends place… for Maata ki Chowki.. The singing, the music… (mainly tabla and harmonium) were simply overwhelming. I sat there spell bound…

I love the smell of incense….
Oh.. and here is a must watch video on ‘dhunuchi dance’

While in this part of the world.. I head back to work today... I hope you all are enjoying the weekend!!


  1. iam visiting calcutta for durgapuja this time..all the durgapuja related posts are sure setting in the tune...thanks for posting..

  2. I love the incense box! It's got a pretty clever design. Kellie xx

  3. O..the incense box is gorgeous!


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