Monday 18 October 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Shanthi from Norway

Hello to the world of bloggers from the north of the world – Shanthi from Norway. Luck by chance, I hit my first blog - Saffron and Silk and just realised how wonderful this whole thing is ….. I keep telling friends that I only recognise two days in a week - A Monday morning and a Friday evening . And the winner is ………… ofcourse a Friday . So here I go with some pics for patty’s weekend wrap up. Thanks Patty for accepting my pics. After a hectic Friday cleaning setting in the weekend mood. It was rewarding to relax with wining and dining around my cozy table sitting down with 6 nationalities. Icing on the top is the stimulating discussions covering politics, socio economic issues, fashion, music, art , beautiful places and the list goes on and on till 12 in the night. Cooking and me we don't gel together :-) but tried to put together something for the tastebuds
What a feast to the eyes being a part of this beautiful painting - THE AUTUMN!!!!!!.
And more so when u can capture its colours on the table from the picks in your garden
Birds of a feather flock together .....
Yummy cake from my japanese friend Mikuko.
What better way to end the weekend than with the pooja. Thanks.....
Do join the Weekend Wrap Up Inlinkz Party... *smiles*
I have one more good news... Kamini's entry has been choosen for Apartment Therapy!! She truly deserves to win. It takes two minutes to log in... so please, please vote for Kamini!! I love her blog - Saffron & Silk... and her home (click below) is worth the vote!! Oh and voting is open till 29th October!!


  1. That is an awesome table setting Shanti! How clever :)

  2. Thanks Harshita I appreciate that - For my first ever blog posting , you are the first commentor. You made my day.

  3. Hiiiii!!! As you probably understood, I've been away for several days and it was not possible to make my usual visits in all Blogs I love, like yours.
    Your Blog is a "must see" for me and it is always a pleasure to come here, congratulations for it and for all the love you put in your posts!!!
    Hugs and kisses, José

  4. Shanthi, its beautiful...what a love table!

  5. I’m gratified I located this spider's web instal,

  6. Hi Shanthi,

    A pleasure to read your post here!:) Loved your tablescape!

  7. I agree! That's a gorgeous table!

  8. That tablescape is gorgeous.. I'd love to be invited!! *smiles*

  9. Thank you all, Sure anytime when u r in this part of the world u r most welcome.


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