Sunday 16 January 2011

Liven up with colour

Having hoarded away my Christmas and New year décor, its time now to change up again…this time for Sankranthi! Like most Indian festivals, this festival has its share of colour and cheer too. Back home, kites form colourful specs in the sky and home entryways are adorned with pretty rangolis! Here though, I’m quite smug changing up my cushion covers and adding flowers to liven up my home before invoking blessings with offerings of pongal.

These cushion covers entirely hand made by mum-in-law were gifted to me a good 5 years but happily resurface everytime my sofa needs a cheer up. The mix of these bright colours adds instant festive cheer…

The pretty motifs are added with sequins and glitter glue… as simple as it gets!

Now that the ambiance is all set, its just the right time to sit back and enjoy a bowl of warm and soulful pongal.

…while I wish all of you a life of happiness, peace and prosperity now and always!

Much love,


  1. Loved the vibrant set of cushion covers, happy sankranthi!

  2. cushion covers looks so good,..

  3. super cool covers..happy pongal harshi

  4. Happy pongal Harshi to you and ur mom - in -law too :-)

  5. Harshi--your pongal looks delicious--can you pass on the recipe please---it looks like the perfect food for a cold winters day here!

    Loved your colorful cushions.

    Happy Pongal!

  6. Thank you all :-)

    GB, I pressure cooked 1 cup rice with half a cup of yellow moong in thrice the quantity of milk. Meanwhile melted 2 cups jaggery in 4 cups of water and added 3 powdered cardamoms. Once this mixture is cooled, I added it to the pressure cooked rice-dal and mixed well before tempering it with cashews and raisins fried in clarified butter. Since I'm not a kitchen person, this seemed quite a task but trust me the outcome was fab! Let me know GB when you try it out. Hope you had a great pongal too. :-)

  7. what pretty cushions! hope you & your family had a great time.

  8. Beautiful and vibrant cushions and delicious, yummy Pongal!!! Happy Pongal to you and your family!!

  9. Love those colorful cushions!!


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