Wednesday 19 January 2011

Walls with Character ~ Preethi

Your home…. is your home.. and it reflects you love, your passion & brings out the character that you want to show off about… And I!!! simply love peeping into your home… via my blog!! Thank you my lovelies for sharing your pics here..

Like I said earlier…. a wall with character requires the right decision, the precision of a fusion of ideas… I should be calling this post… Home with Character… I love the floor.. and how the colour of the wall blends in with the floor, the soft furnishings that tell us a story…

Dont you want to see what's in the curio cabinet?? *smiles*

Preethi ~
I love traditional ethnic decor and am a big fan of it... Incorporated in our home are some of these elements. The main picture on the wall which is a central focus is a Mysore glass painting - a wedding gift from one of my husband's family friend.
The three framed Ganeshas have been with us for a long time and were actually prints from Archies Gallery.

The next is a picture of our entry foyer with a close up of a mini Tanjore paiting and some brass artifacts.
a closer look...
Tell me... tell me... you are as curious as I am.. to see what's in here?

The curio content includes two big brass pieces - a urali (belonging to my husband's maternal grandmother) and a kindi (belonging to his paternal grandmother for which we got some permanent polish done)

Do you want to see more of Preethi's home?? Would you like to see a home tour??
Do you have a wall as pretty as this?? Would you like to share it... Email me on


  1. Ooooooooooh JUST so pretty !! LOVED the Urali and the framed paintings!!! LOVELY wall, Preethi!

  2. Gorgeous home! A house tour would be an awesome idea, can't wait to see :)

  3. itz a marvellous indian house...nice pics

  4. such lovely artifacts!!! ..
    behind every decor lies a story, a story of a family, of a couple.... whenever we look at our wall art, we reminiscence about the travels we have been to and picked each and one of those arts from!!!

  5. It is a wonderful wall. love the colors too.

  6. loved the brass spoons...and the art work is beautiful...maybe a great subject for a detailed home patty listening :)

  7. Love that first picture--so inviting! Lovely home, Preethi!

  8. Wonderful collection. I love all the pieces of brass Preethi has.

  9. Thanks everybody for the comments on our home.. not sure if the rest of it is as clean as our living room.. Thanks to Patricia for featuring our home... I am inspired now to continue decorating my home and maybe it will be ready for the home tour !

  10. Amazing the collection in the showcase


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