Friday 28 January 2011

The Friday Mix ~ Papyrus

Have you been waiting for Friday??? to visit a new blog... make a new friend?? The Friday Mix today... features the very creative... Iniyaal from Papyrus... I admire people who follow their passions.. in whatever little way... so I truly admire Iniyaal... and her hand made book marks can be found in all the books I'm currently reading... If you'd like to be part of the Friday Mix, please email me on

I am Iniyaal and I sell eco-friendly bookmarks and decor items. I am an engineer working full time as a Business Intelligence architect. Apart from that, I draw, paint, shoot pictures, stitch, craft, read and write. I love creating anything and everything, from aprons to greeting cards. Being lazy from as long as I can remember, creativity is an excuse that I give for keeping away from professional training in arts :)

My bookmarks are available at my Etsy shop, “Papyrus“, and my blog at “Papyrus ~ Handmade heaven“. Bookmarks can be interesting and artistic, both between the pages of a book and on your desk as a display item. Here is a glimpse into my li’l shop.

A tulip blooming between pages:

Decoupaged and painted Wild flowers bookmark

Red hearts bookmark for valentines day:


Desk top display – Love birds and Shakespeare

Like what you see? Peep into my Etsy shop or Papyrus for more and buy what you like.

I also blog at “Art, Beauty, Society“. It is more of a photo journal of my love for wild nature and village life. Featured here are photographic Nature trails that open the door to new discoveries and learnings. Like these beautiful tea estates.. the lure of which has led mankind to wipe out acres of massive forests.

Here comes my other big time favourite… Indian villages. Villages are a world on their own, many aspects of which are fascinating. We can happily learn a lot from rurual lifestyle and fuse it into our busy urban lives.

Wondered why villages have the largest share of happy old aged people..? A physically active, mentally peaceful and environmentally pure lifestyle is the best way to lead a long happy life :) like this smiling granny.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and bookmarks. Would love to see you over at Papyrus. Do drop by for a visit.


  1. Oh what a lovely post and even lovelier bookmarks!! Gorgeous - I shall contact Pats to get one soon!! Brilliant.

  2. Luv those valentine book marks....!!

  3. Delightful! Papyrus is wonderful! Love the last photo. Precious.

  4. Super cool S at her best :)

  5. I Love this post. Awesome last photo and I didn't know that fact about the elders in the villages but it makes sense to me. Thanks.


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