Monday 10 January 2011

Weekend Wrap Up 13

I’ve reached no. 13 ~ unlucky for some … I believe!!?? I don’t know about that.. but I simply love weekends.. and I enjoy doing this weekend wrap up!! This weekend was rather short.. I worked straight from 08.30 am on Thursday to 12.30am on Friday… Then on Friday I went back to work … at 10am and was there till about 4pm!! I don’t normally work more than the required hours…. so don’t really grumble when work demands a little more!! Which meant, I only had a Saturday off… Here is the last glimpse of my tree… The rest of the day was spent in taking off all the Christmas decorations.. My bigger elves weren’t around… but the younger ones woke up early to help their mom.. Sims removed all the decorations and then put the lights back in place… While Yva put the tree back in its box and then moved on to cleaning ~ her forte!! When we were done, we attempted to make our home a little festive!!
So my lovelies... Hope your weekend was better than mine!! Are you going to tell me what you did this weekend ?? Here is how ~~
  1. Do a Weekend Wrap Up post on your blog. It has to be 'your' photograph !! (post atleast one picture... its nice to see!!) and it can really be anything you did over the weekend – example – a fun recipe you tried out, a craft project, a DIY, a table top, a few candles, coffee with friends or a good book or a movie review… The list is endless… just about ANYTHING… and anything about YOU !! *smiles*
  2. No images from other websites or magazines please!! This is about YOU.
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  1. Patricia,

    I worked on a new post I think you will love it!

    A Great Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

  2. 13 :-D. Ha thts ma hubbs lucky no... LOL!

    N wine with soda ... now thts a combi i hvnt tried yet!

    Arent u a purrfect moomy - getting ur gals all grmmoe dup... wow! PLus imagine working sooo long with no grumbling ... Super Mommy is what u r ... wowie!

  3. How cute is your little one!! :) I put my christmas decorations away last week too. Tho' my house doesn't look nearly as nice as yours--maybe I need to borrow your little elves sometime. :)

  4. Dear Patricia,

    Thanks for hopping into my blog and leaving those sweet words .... it was a gr8 start to this week.

    I am sure I won't be the first one to say how incredible your blog is. Luv luv luv the decor ideas .... A decor blog has been on my mind for a while ...and your space is a great inspiration !!

    Oh 13 is just a number for me .... by d way I live in Apartment # 13 and it has been a wonderful abode.

    Wish you and your team a great year ahead !


  5. you have a good team Patty...big & little elves :) I packed mine up last weekend but my fairy lights are on through out the them way too much


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