Friday 10 February 2012

Travel Taiwan ~ Taipei City (part 3)

After lunch at the Grand Hotel, as you’ve read in my earlier post, we took an hours bus ride to Chiu Fen old town. This was a little picturesque town, with a different kind of atmosphere.. The people were simple and believed in their daily wages… and life was just awesome… *smiles*.. Here are a few images of this little town that I fell in love with… 

This enchanting little town was on top of a hill… so the long winding roads… were simply magical…

The place has streets and streets of shopping and food… and more…

From here we took an hours bus ride to get back to Taipei city. We visited the Taipei 101, which I am sure needs no introduction. It was the tallest building in the world in 2004 and still holds a few world records, for the fastest lift and the damper ball that keeps the building balanced. Taiwan is in a volcano and earth quake prone area, and hence the damper makes this building safer than normal and reduces the effect of an unforeseen situation. Saying that… Taipei 101 is a definite visit, with awesome malls and an amazing food court at the bottom. Sorry, by this time, I was way too tired to click any more pictures…

Some of the other places to visit in Taipei City are Xinyi District, Yangmingshan National Park, Peace Park, National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, Beltou Hot Springs, Longshan Temple.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of Taiwan with me… 


  1. The pics are full of life, and, also full of tranquility! Perfect combination for activity and reflection too. Hmmm...Wonder how Dubai will be, because I am going there tomorrow.
    Thanks for everything, Patricia. :)

  2. lovely, now you make me want to travel!!

  3. Hi Patricia, thanks for your sweet comment. Chiu Fen old town is amazing!!! no wonder you have fallen in love with it! I wish someday I be there!
    Greetings from Spain

  4. WOW.! Taiwan seems so amazing! Really got a lil taste of the country through ur post... :)

  5. Absoultey enjoyed the trip with these click u have shown a beautiful city thanks 4 that :)


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