Tuesday 21 February 2012

A small makeover

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you must have heard about how one weekend.. I messed up the garden... *grins*...

Here are my attempts to make amends... and make things look right again... 

You've seen corners of the garden in my old posts... The bamboo partition thing was straight... I wanted a little bit of a pattern... or curve... What do you think?

Don't know if you remember, but I had three dwarfs from my Sydney trip... They didn't survive a few kids in my house... So, when I saw this at Daiso the other day, I simply had to get them home....

And my tulsi pot broke too... *sobs*... so now replaced by a simple brown one...

Oh... and I finally took out the trunk... and paved way for green grass... That I must admit looks good... But it makes the bird bath look like this... Which I'm not particularly impressed with... So this particular corner... needs another makeover... but thats for another time..

Do you remember my small lemon tree plant... ?? Look how bigs its become.... 

Well... these haven't changed... but I thought I'll add in these pictures as well...

.... on either side of the stair case...

Now ... an view from the top... for you.... I know.. I know... I've messed up the grass... but that will grow soon.... I'll post pictures of that when its all green... But what do you think of the design??

The flowers don't do much justice to the space as well... *sigh*...

But its work in progress.... so for now I'll leave it looking like this... and in three months time... I'll add a few more seasonal beauties... *smiles*.. 


  1. Well now ~ aren't those just the cutest gnomes!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Whatever you are up to patty, your work is the best...your messing up also, turns the garden corner bbbbeautiful....love your garden and the corner has really turned well with those dwarfs it is all the more beautiful.........


  3. Your garden is beautiful......and that curved fence/border looks great. Gardening is a labour of love and i'm sure you'll be happy again after few weeks.

  4. The crroked bamboo fence looks wayyyyyy better.. the grass will grow.. I don't know if u get the flowers - office time. Not sure of their actual name.. they act as great fillers.. and are best suited for hot places.
    I love the gnomes & the birds on your steps.. are they ceramic?

  5. I like what I see and I am sure it will be much better when the grass is all lush and green :)

  6. Oh Pats you have a green thumb after all!

    I think the dwarfs would look better randomly placed and just peeking out of foliage. but the rest is simply superb!


  7. The dwarfs look so very cute

  8. Hey, ur garden looks great except for the grass. Don't worry, they would go back soon. I liked the brown Tulsi pot.

  9. Not seen a prettier garden in a long time, druids - a fabulous touch!

  10. Your garden is so beautiful Patty and you have got the petunias and the marigold and love the dwarfs and all the little artefacts around. Love your garden.

  11. The garden is very beautiful.
    The yellow flowers....
    Just I love them.
    Very nice indeed,

  12. U have such a lovely beautiful garden patty every corner stole my heart n the curved bamboo r perfect... Just loveddddddd it

  13. Hi Patty , How are you? I love your garden, beautifully landsacped.You have a magical hand now:)

  14. Hello Patricia, I must admit I like every thing about your garden, the bamboo fence, gnomes, toadstools ,birds the oil lamp... everything...

  15. Hey btw... i did not use varnish on my canvas... just left it as such... do u think it is better to try varnish.... at present I packed them in transparent plastic warps ... but need to do something to protect them... any ideas..

  16. Oh I love it! You know my love for green and gardening...yours looks so cute...i esp love the little bamboo stilts...and the duckies too! The grass will grow fine the same thing happened in my prev garden too...the gardener went and got some new plantings from somewhere in ras al khor i think...it grew within a month...working in the garden is so soul satisfying no!

  17. Love your garden, Patty! So jealous that you have a piece of earth to dig, sow, plant. I so crave for it but can't have one in my apartment except for potted plants...

  18. Love your garden, Patty! So jealous that you have a piece of earth to dig, sow, plant. I so crave for it but can't have one in my apartment except for potted plants...

    1. I so very much agree with Rashmie...:(...But you've got a beautiful garden and I am simply in love with those cute little birds on the stairs...Love everything here...:)

  19. Grest that you went with the curved line. No idea why but curved lines look so much better in landsaping than straight lines. I have noticed that all professional landscapers use curved lines, paths etc.

  20. Very beautiful garden Patty.. I love the fact that you have added those little interesting characters in your garden.. :)


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