Monday 6 February 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 66

All of February on Colours Dekor is 'Red is for love'.... so do a post on the colour 'red'... or join in with your 'love' posts... Here is my post on 'love craft' *smiles*

The girlies and I did some paper craft this weekend... Once I finished all the clearing and cleaning... we decided to add a few elements of red and love around the house... 

On our dining table... made out of paper... as simple as that... with a candle it in.. Looks lovely!! What do you think?

You must think I teach my girls all sorts of non sense... Well the truth is... I'm not sure how much they learn about the craft... and its really nothing.. But when we sit down to make it together... we talk... about colours, family, love... and all sorts of things under the sun.. we laugh... and we giggle.. Some times we fight... *smiles*.. And it is this... that I truly value..

The girls have grown too fast... from baby talk a few years ago... that I could laugh over.. we now have serious kind of talk... *gosh*...

The added attempt they put in... to arrange stuff... to move things around... makes me feel super nice!! They moved this from the dining area to the foyer, coz they thought it looked better there... What do you think?

I know.. I haven't visited your blogs from last weeks linky... Sorry.. I was super busy with month end, but I had a quick look and I thought these two posts were lovely... *smiles*... 

Informative post on Colours : The Basics at Purvi's Creative Hub... 

and I bet you'll like this post on fun and boredom and some artwork from her journal at Za faran!! 

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  1. Wowww these cute paper lanthers stole my heart :) really lovelyyyy

  2. I am gonnna whisk this idea for valentines....;)

  3. So pretty, you girls are so creative. Love it.

  4. this is super cute and super creative :)

  5. Yay!!!! for mentioning the post :) :)
    and i m still thinking of something RED to post about, lets hope the idea comes soon :) :)

    and Patricia I am sure these little projects with your girls will groom them to appreciate and enjoy things :)

  6. I love to craft with Lil P .. its a 1:1 time .. I love the giggles, the mess, the secrets and the lil art pieces they churn out..
    The paper Love lanterns are cuteee
    I have linked in a craft idea..and my baking attempts.. Hope that's ok..

  7. so ...creative... Lovely work by the girls... and this is a fab idea too...!! Guess, we can alter and use this for table arrangements in parties too... !!

  8. This is a beautiful idea and the girls have done a good job,very creative. Akhir betiyan kiski hai.
    Looking forward for more ideas like this.

  9. The paper LOVE lanterns are SUPERB, you are so creative Patty!! :)

  10. really cute and romantic .

  11. i love that idea..


  12. Girls are quite craftsy like Mom. Loved those paper lanterns. And soooo precious times doing all these things together with them and building up these stack of good memories for ever. And how nice that the blog keeps record of everything :-). I wish I could turn my clock back and do it all over once again.

  13. Link in this craft to & the rose petal table top display at Artsy-Craftsy-Feb

  14. I loved the rich colors on your blog. Have been here for the first time and will be coming frequently now :)

    Keep the colors coming...

  15. Oh ho Patty, worth stealing idea....! I am gonna do this and surprise C on our anniversary (3 days down the line) :P

  16. itz absolutely sparkling and amazing idea too....

  17. Was it inspired from

  18. Wow! Thank you, Patricia! I saw that link to my page only just now, and,it definitely was a pleasant surprise.:) Thank you for being so supportive. You made my day.


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