Wednesday 1 February 2012

In the Spotlight ~ 'Red is for love'

Gosh!! Its February already... We are now a month into! That was quick... 

Now.. I'll be honest... this is a bit of a confused post... I'm not sure what to do with 'in the spotlight' series.. Should these be topic driven... like the earlier ones we did... ie Green Thumb Dekor, a Thousand Words... so you can interpret the topic in any which way... 

Or would you like these to be Colours specific... ie.. we pick a colour for the month and focus on things around the house in that colour... and the importance of that colour in our lives and homes.. 

What say?? 

Anyway, last weekend, the girls and I talked about 'love'.. and everything they love, people they love, hearts and fairies.. ... etc.. etc..

While Sims and I were decided on doing up a table ... Yva used her skills and made a heart out of the petals on the table... I thought it was cute..

These girls.. they grow up too fast.. *sigh*

So go on and link in... The 'Red is for love' is open all of February... and obviously will be focussing on the word 'love'... and the colour 'red'... Feel free to link in anything within these two parameters... I can't wait to see how creative you can get... 

Grab the button now.. and do a quick post.. *smiles*

Colours Dekor


  1. simple yet them

  2. Ohhh I love the idea of a "Red is for love" linky :) The rose petal table setting is sooo cute :)

  3. love it


  4. Red is 4 love,celebrations loved the petal heart...

  5. wow
    Red petal heart.
    such a cute creation.
    O.K. i am also joining
    with my red saree.

  6. really cute red petal heart!your daughter has the creative strain in her!

  7. Cheers to the month of LOVE. That red petal heart looks so delicate and so loving. Hearty congrats on being featured in Khabar.

  8. Love the theme Patty and Yva did a great job with the petals. Soon you will be beating the boys away with a stick:):) Yikes, hopefully not too soon!


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