Wednesday 30 March 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Laura

Oh... I love all those images coming in.. for the Green Thumb Decor series.. I really do!! I'm overwhelmed.. Thank you!! *hugs*
These are images from Laura who blogs at Pushing Furniture... Laura is a true decor addict.. her DIYs are amazing.. and always so so well planned... She is an artist, a musician, and a lot more.. Do visit her... and see what she's upto!! For now... I'm showing you.. her entry to the Green Thumb Decor.. The above image is Variegated Ficus tree and a Dracaena warneckii, plus some little bits & clippings in jars.... all over her fireplace !!
Laura's Buddha in the herb garden right off her back porch!
Another Ficus, and a large Bird of Paradise (left) over my meditation corner at one end of the living room!
and one more... in her bedroom... Aren't these images simply gorgeous... ??
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  1. Wooooow!!! Loveddddd it,the curtains, room and plants too.. I have personally commented on her blog tooo and following her for sure..Thanks a ton for sharing Patty!!

  2. Laura, Lovely pics... Luv the buddha, the plants... and the curtains... Oh my !! soooo lovely....

  3. luved all of them ,specillay the meditation corner

  4. Where are the bookcases from? they are great!

  5. aww....its gorgeous! every bit ...every corner!


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