Monday 7 March 2011

Weekend Wrap Up 21

Hello loves !! .... This is my event management weekend!! I like giving my weekend nick names... sounds super cute... Isn't it??
Thursday was spent.. shopping...!! No.. No!! Hunting... for Alice in Wonderland related stuff... I was so super pleased when Yva choose to have a 'mad hatters tea party' for her birthday.. This was my favourite book as a child... my favourite cartoon... my favourite character.. Such a lovely story... so simple... so pretty... filled with dreams and adventure... Its a happy.. wow!! kind of story.. (just my kind of story!!) *smiles*
Now for the sad part... The poor girl Alice has no publicity at all... no doll in her name... the books are not readily available... nothing.. at all.. Some shop keepers gave me a weird look when I asked for the book.. I was so very upset.. !!
Here are images of us on Friday morning... We decided to make all the decorations ourselves... The girls took out their painting brushes, pencils, colour pens, crayons, scissors... chart paper, etc... We made signs reading 'This way', 'That way', 'the other way', 'lost', 'north', 'south', 'east', 'west'..... etc...
We spent half the day... on newspapers... on the floor.... and even painted our faces... *smiles* .. We also made paper lamps and lanterns... Watch out for the tutorial next week... I'm sure you guys remember making these in school... The girls were super thrilled!! and thought I was some kind of genius!! Friday evening was special.... meeting friends for coffee... laughing, singing and drinking my mint special coffee... and eating a chocolate bar... *sigh* bliss!! total bliss!!
Saturday was back to routine.... Ballet class, supermarket run, bank run... etc.... etc... Do you remember seeing my post on Green Thumb decor?? The stairs near the door desperately needed an uplift.... so I put on my gardening gloves ... and added the colours below... Yes!! Yes!! pics soon... when I get some more accessories in there....
Now.... for my weekend loss.... Do you remember seeing these chimes before?? They were even featured on of Peacock & Paisley ... I carried these all the way from Sri Lanka.. and anyone who walked in would instantly comment on how gorgeous they looked... I lost them on Friday... they were down with the wind.. totally broken... not mend-able at all... :-( I replaced them with these Chinese chimes... They just don't look the same... The effect, the look, the glamour.... not the same at all... But for now.. I'll live with these... For the week ahead... I'm super busy at work... But it doesn't end there... Then I've got two mornings in school to watch the girls swim... (some things you've got to do as a mom!!)... and the evenings will be filled with Alice & more... from outfits, decor, to lanterns, to food, to games and fits, and give away gifts too... etc.. etc...

So my lovelies… How was your weekend?? You know the guidelines ... don't you?… Hope you are going to link in this week and… tell me all about your weekend… and don't forget to link back to Colours Dekor... so we have more people joining in!! …. *smiles*

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  1. Sorry about the Terracotta windchimes. I love them as well.

  2. waiting for more pics on the Alice series! would love to see what u creative girls came up with :) and so sorry about those windchimes.. they were so beautiful!

  3. So sorry about ur chimes :(
    Waiting to see pics of the party and ur patio..

  4. I am glad to bestow 'Versatile Blogger' award on you.

    Please visit this link and accept the award. Thanks">

  5. nice theme for the party,..;-)

  6. Your weekend seem to be very eventful!! I like the way you teach your girls creative stuff and involve them in things productive...

    I also love your chimes.. :)
    Have a happy week ahead!!

  7. Ho wooow! arent ur girls soo creative.. well its genes I guess :)

    Haa I can imagine how sad tht must be to hv something precious broken! I had ma heart going :( when a small pickle jar of mine broke the other day.... Well it aint the money its the precious memmories n the love with which we picked it up tht makes it preciosu

  8. awesome! can't wait to see your alice party :) n the garden!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment. I just came by your blog and I absolutely LOVE IT! I'm so sorry about the chimes! Your so creative - I am not your newest follower, I hope you will follow me too!

  10. Oh oh! I remember the terracotta chimes from the P&P post, sad to see them go :( Also wish Yva a wonderful birthday and many more wonderful happy years :)

  11. Oh, that's terrible Patty! I loved them SO much. :(

    On the other hand, I saw so many gorgeous terracotta chimes back in India this time( I couldn't carry any back due to weight constraints).....but you'll easily find a replacement in India the next time you visit---they also have these adorable clay animals now--tortoises and fish and all kinds of gorgeous stuff---make sure to bring some back when you visit!


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