Thursday 31 March 2011

Saanvi's Jungle Party

I'm thrilled to share this with you..... from Naveena's Log Book... I simply loved the hard work and all the ideas that went into making this 1st birthday party a success.... For more pictures... and the complete details on this party... hop on to Naveena's Log Book...
I really wanted to keep the memory fresh forever about Saanvi's big milestone - Her 1st birthday party ...
The planning for the party started just few weeks before her party being the lazy us. I wanted the party to be very special and something that everyone including Saanvi to cherish forever.
We had a tough time figuring what theme we could have and finally decided to go with the Safari/Jungle theme for her party.
We thought Safari party was the most simplest to have as we could quickly buy some animal cut outs and make it look like a jungle. We were soo wrong , we had to create every bit of the party by ourselves. But, it all paid out , I should say ..

Saanvi's month-by-month chart: I made four canvases with jungle sketches and stuck Saanvi's pcitures for each of the 12 months. I loved the way it came out and going to have it in our room :).
I sat down over one weekend , had some pictures of these really cute animals . I drew them on chart paper and cut them out . The lion was the 1st one. I cut his body structure out and cut petals out of crepe paper and stuck it around his face to give the wild look.
Elephant was the 2nd guy , I love elephant's ears, they look so cool, especially when they keep flapping them . I cut out the elephant's ear with another sheet of paper and stuck it on them. It worked out .
Zebra was the 3rd guy. He was tough. I drew him, cut him out on the chart and had to literally cut thin strips of paper to give him his skin. My friend cut his tail out and gave the additional look to it :).
Giraffe was the last guy. He was easy , just had to draw, cut him out and stick brown dots all over his body.
We wanted a backdrop for the cake table. I visited all the party shops in the city and dint find anything impressive. I decided to create my own backdrop. I made a wide banner with brown paper, printed the same pictures of Saanvi's that were on her card, blew them up and stuck it to the banner. I cut some grass and trees of the crepe paper and stuck them . I also pasted the dollar shop foam animal stickers.We dint have Saanvi's name cut out until the last minute. One of our friends wrote it the curly style and cut them out for me. I had a garland of all the animals with the "Happy Birthday" on it.
Cake: I kept looking online for safari cakes and finally found this girl near my house who bakes amazing cakes. I told her the color theme of the party and the animals , I wanted on the cake. She baked the most amazing cake. We had two layers. The 1st yellow layer was a marble cake with raspberry filling and the 2nd brown layers was a ultimate chocolate cake. It had these tiny animals which matched to the animals , I had on my card and everything about the cake was edible. Everyone loved the cake.
Cup Cakes: We had 24 cupcakes in brown and yellow and I these tiny animals as their toppings , which looked super cute.
Party Favor: I searched online for like a month to find a good return favor. I did not find anything that went with the theme. I finally bought some wooden photo frames , as everyone can use them with their favorite pictures. I stuck few animals on them and designed a 'Thank You' note that was slided it into the photo frame. It was simple and sweet , atleast I thought so :).
Dont you simply love her ideas?? Read Naveena's Log Book for more ideas and details on this party... It is truly amazing... how she put this together!!


  1. I love all of them Patty. Great ideas.

  2. Great party!

  3. Wow, that is one lucky little girl. What an amazing creative party, and more importantly amazing parents:):)

  4. Great Party! Oh my gosh what kind of parties did I give when my kids were small - can't remember :-)

  5. luved the decor nd everything,..

  6. Thanks too all u guys and thanks Patty for featuring my blog :).. U r the best..


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