Thursday 3 March 2011

Crafting in China :)

Hi folks !! This time round I've been inspired by the east :):) Chinese, it is! :) Flavours of the orient have engulfed me :P Ok I'll stop being so dramatic!
I had taken up a temporary assignment at my son's school in the month of February. My job was in the administration department and involved a lot of phone conversations. So guess what I was doing while answering queries? Yes, I came up with some ingenious craft :D I've made a piece with just small squares of recycled sheets of paper, a bit of UHU glue stick and cello tape.
First, I rolled up individual small squares into tiny cylindrical ones and secured them with tape. I then stuck them all together to create a 'bamboo sticks' effect, and created two levels.
Then I created two small oriental fans by just folding two small squares.
The levels I created are more clear in the photo above I guess. I painted them a bright red and brown.
Finally, I painted the fans and decorated them a bit :) Voila, it's a Chinese piece of artsy craftsy decor all ready :)
Does it look Oriental enough? I simply loved the way the colours have come together. And it's very interesting because I just made it up by my own imagination, and I think it looks very pretty! What do you think? :) Drop me a line :):)


  1. Paper fans. ask me i love them, infact my final project at Pattern Making course was Dress made of Paper Fans created from Ad pamphlets.

    For those who would love to have a look here it is - Paper Pamphlet Fan Dress

  2. oh my.. this is lovely.. Urmi!! We used to make them in school... and I remember those... good old days!!


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