Saturday 5 March 2011

Nine By Thirty

This post is long long over due.... I've been thinking... and dreaming about how to write this post... and what to say about this lovely lady - Aparna and her lovely jewellery store - Nine By Thirty!!
Sorry... about the awful photography.... This is the first time I take pics of jewellery... These are a few Christmas gifts... I got for all the special ones in my life... ...

"Moi" is the handmade line from Nine By Thirty. And ' Motley Street' is Nine By Thirty's hand-picked pieces from travels across the globe.
I admire people who live their dreams... and those who dare to dream... and care to achieve... !!
The one below was a gift for my mummy.... She totally loved this... So much so ... that she doesn't share it with me...
Smoky quartz, faceted agate drops, black Onyx and silver. Looks gorgeous !! *sigh*
And they came... in these gorgeous little pouches... Do you like it?? or do you love it?? Go on... follow Nine By Thirty on facebook!!


  1. I love your one of a kind creations Nine by thirty.Thanx Pat for letting us all know.

  2. aparna totally deserves the applaud for her lovely work !!


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