Monday 27 May 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 17

Hello my lovelies... 

My weekend was overshadowed by this sudden sad news about 'Emreen Xavier' of Liven Things Up. Its a strange kind of bond we share with our virtual friends in blog land. We may have never met, or never seen each other.... but we develop a liking and a rather unusual kind of friendship... One that I cannot explain... To me Emreen was like my next door neighbour.. She would write to me frequently, and occasionally check on whats happening at my end of the world... She always cared and somehow knew when my posts or I was getting .... detached from blog land. 

I remember Emreen as someone who loved making things beautiful around her. She has a passion for floral arrangements... 

and I remember featuring some of her 'table tops'..

She wrote to me once saying... "Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them....!!"

I simply cannot imagine what her parents are going through now... She was the only child... All I can do is pray... that God gives them & all those who loved Emreen the strength to hold on to their memories of her.. She was young, talented, ambitious, with a whole life ahead of her... and a budding career in IT.. I'm shocked!! I dont know why... I trust God has a bigger plan... thats my consolation.. 

I loved the below Dragon Fly tutorial .... and remember talking to Emreen about it.. 

Please hop over to the virtual Memorial for Emreen... and say a little prayer for her soul to rest in peace..

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  1. Oops... That is really sad news. When I did a project with Bamboo, it was so incomplete without the bamboo leaves... She came from nowhere and directed me to the right place where I could get it. :(

  2. My God. My God......
    What a news
    I used call her pretty Emreen....
    I know her through her blog.
    I used to enjoy her pictures.
    Wow Wow Wow
    I feel very very sad.....
    I prey the allmighty to make her soul rest in peace with HIM........

  3. I used to read her blog...and her last post was a week back. Its really shocking to know this. How did it happen?

  4. This comes as a big shock to me too - Emreen was a regular at The Keybunch, and encourages us so much! I am saddened to hear this...may she rest in peace!

  5. all those who loved Emreen the strength to hold on to their memories of her...!

    dragonflies are beautiful!

  6. I am too shocked to hear this, was a regular visitor of her blog. RIP Emreen..

  7. I am so shocked to hear on this,I do remember Emreen as she had left behind a sweet comment in my mail box once.Life at times drives one to such corners,and in the present fast paced world,one never realizes what we have lost as we have no time to look back.May her soul rest in peace. My link post today "from the land of the Viharas,Bodh Gaya" hopefully can bring in some amount of inner peace to my fellow blogger pals,do read on.


  8. May her soul rest in peace.

  9. this is so sad. I am at a loss for words. may she rest in peace.

  10. I am wordless Patty, I lost a best friend of 20 years, last year, yet to come to terms with that.. Hope God gives the strength to her family & friends to cope up with this shock...

  11. Omg! she is blogger friend, how did it happen? I'm shocked!

  12. i am shocked to hear this news.I pray that she be in a beautiful place always.

  13. So sorry to hear about your friend Emreen.

  14. So sad to hear this..Had been a regular vsitor of her blog

  15. Thank you Patti..thru this post of yours, hopefully more of her blogging friends will know the sad news and pray for her...she touched the lives of so many of us and is terribly missed...

  16. also, she loved you and your blog and spoke to me about you many times.. She admired you a lot! Thats why I just had to inform you...she would have wanted you to know...

  17. This is really sad and hard to believe...when I got the email from her friend my eyes and soul could not believe it. She was a very nice person and friend..May her soul rest in peace and may God gives strength to his family...

  18. Really shocked to hear this. How did it happen? Although I didnt know Emreen personally we were regular visitors to each others blogs. May her soul rest in blissful peace!


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