Thursday 9 May 2013

Store Review ~ Kinda Like Wasabi

This isn't just a store review, but an invitation to visit Arte on 10th May 2013 at Times Square Mall in Dubai ... and while you are there... don't forget to visit 'Kinda Like Wasabi'

Tell us a little about yourself... 

I was an Art director & an Associate Creative Director working in the fast paced, action packed world of advertising. Having had a baby I traded in my high heels for flats & my coffee cup for sippy cups. I decided to leave advertising to raise my kids but I couldn't let go of my love for art and design. So along with bringing up my 2 babies I decided to nurture and develop my vision to some day have my own design studio and that's how Kinda Like Wasabi (KLW) was born.

Tell us more about KLW

At KLW I design quirky, kitschy, fun statement decor pieces for homes. The kind of piece that adds flavor and a visual punch to any decor... Much like the sensation of eating wasabi :) hence the name.
I design and make decoupage boxes, trays and coasters. It's all hand made. The designs are for people with a sense of humor, who don't want the run of the mill stuff. The kind of person who pride themselves on having a sense of design and owning a one of a kind piece. A piece that reflects their individuality and personality. These people can take pride and delight in the fact that they own something which is not mass produced.

and finally.... 

I am a part of the ARTE (Artisans of the Emirates) group & sell my products at the exhibition at Times Square Centre on every second week of the month.
Being a hands on mom to a 2 month old and a 2 yr old toddler, it's taking me a bit more time to expand my business. But slowly and surely I am getting there. And hopefully soon in the very near future I plan on expanding the range of products I design *fingers crossed*!

Here are a few more trays... and a few boxes... 

So if you like what you see... visit Kinda Like Wasabi ... and also don't forget to visit Arte on 10th May!! *smiles*... 


  1. I like these kitschy stuff! Will try to make it tomorrow if possible.

  2. Nice kitschy stuff, specially the coasters.


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