Wednesday 22 May 2013

Store Review ~ The Color Caravan

I'm sure you know by now... the e-store is open!! Yay!! And now we can all shop online... for all these lovely things...

So go on to the Color Caravan e-store... to avail your 10% discount, Discount Coupon : CD and this is valid for a month till 22nd June... Oh.. and there are limited vouchers... so if you are planning on buying something.. be quick!!

So what are you favorites from the Color Caravan... here are a few of mine... *smiles*

Oh.. I love this little pouch... 

This is truly my style... 

Isn't this soooooooooooooooo cute??

I don't know if you guys remember... but I already have something similar... But this still remains my favorite... 

So if you are shopping at the Color Caravan store... Don't forget the voucher code is CD ... get your 10% discount now!! *smiles*


  1. Just superb collection..
    Love it

  2. They have amazing products...I specially love their madhubani milk can :)


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