Wednesday 15 May 2013

Inspirations by Arani

... as I was talking to Arani she said... 

'.... over the years I have been discovering and rediscovering myself and ever evolving .Some things I have parted with, some I still held on to, and some I have added and revamped ...... '

and truly thats what inspired me to see more... and I sure hope.. you are going to be inspired as well... 

Tell us a little about yourself... and your home... :

About myself: I am an ex banker, but one fine day just decided to hang up my corporate shoes and follow my heart. Studied Apparel Designing (though a tad late in life) and actually came out with flying colours, bagged the outstanding designer award too. Thanks to my banker husband I have been travelling in and out of India, settling in new houses meeting new challenges. Presently I am residing in Mumbai, a loving hubby and an active 8 year old son with me, as my support system. Love beautiful things, designing, art & photography, travelling, listening to music and cooking. 

... what about your distinct decor style? Give us some tips... 

The decor is primarily Indian with colonial and eclectic accents. Some of my favourite pieces are the low lying darbari styled seating arrangements picked up from HauzKhas village New Delhi, the marble topped corner tables with coloured tiles are from Lajpat nagar(Amar colony).The grey slatestone Krishna with the flute is from Mahabalipuram (Chennai). The eclectic hand fan is obviously from Kolkata ,I just added the red sari border around it and so on .... 

Thank you Arani for sharing pictures of your home in Bahrain as well as in Mumbai... These are truly inspiring... 

Now.. if you like what you see here... don't forget to visit Arani at Add that xtra in the Ordinary 


  1. Absolutely stunning Arani! Thanks Patty for a lovely post yet again!

  2. I love everything about Arani's house, especially the colonial furniture

  3. Dear Patricia,
    I am so very very thrilled to see this lovely surprise,this morning! Absolutely delighted to be featured on this "oh so" inspiring and enterprising space/blog of yours.
    Thank you so much for featuring our home,my husband is super thrilled too.... smiles.

  4. Arani has a beautiul home!What I love the most is the low darbari style sitting arrangement!Thanks Patricia for taking us to yet another lovely home!

  5. Super gorgeous home Arani...loved everything :)

  6. Hello Arani / Patty:

    It was indeed a beautiful experience to see a home decorated with such love and thought.
    Warm wishes


  7. Hi lovely ladies,

    Going through this post was like a wonderful journey,much enjoyed :-)

  8. Beautiful house and arrangements,


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