Friday 31 May 2013

Artist ~ Asha (Part 2)

When I saw Asha's paintings I simply had to share each and everyone of them with you... 

What I particularly liked about her Tajore style is ... that its very different from the traditional Tajore.. She has indeed given this her own personal touch.

All the women oriented paintings you see were exhibited in Bahrain in the year 2011... psst...psst... this exhibition was a gift from my husband on my "Milestone" birthday... and the cake he had ordered came in the form of a paint brush!!!! I was so touched by his loving thought!! 

Leaving you with her series on Women... from different walks of life.. 

Does this leave you spell bound? intrigued? stunned? Well.. I felt the same... Now watch out for her last series.. cause that particularly has my heart... *smiles*... 


  1. I love the colors and the style of these paintings. Would you consider visiting my blog? I have just started working on sharing my projects, both as a DIY girl and an abstract artist.

  2. Patty, Lucky you....:-) (about your B'day)
    All these paintings are beautiful.

  3. Dear Particia,
    Thank you!

  4. Oops... sorry Patricia... that was a typo:)
    Thanks once again!

  5. Lovely! And such a nice gesture from her husband :)


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