Friday 10 May 2013

Blog Finds ~ The Bangalore Snob

And I found another blog... that I'm super impressed with... 

Ankita... Go on and introduce yourself... 

Hi, I am Ankita. Ever since I was a child I have seen my mother decorate the house with her own creations - her mantra was that whatever she created might not be a masterpiece but it would be exclusive. And the exclusivity of the artifact would make it more gorgeous than any expensive piece bought from the market (which ofcourse would be produced in masses). And this mantra kind of lingered in my head. So when I got married - after the initial few days of buying the usual stuff like the bed, dining table and sofas, I decided to fill the rest of the house with EXCLUSIVE artifacts which would not just serve as a show-piece but would have a story behind it.
One of the first home decoration pieces we did were these Green and Black Bird Paintings. This was special because my husband (who has never held a paint brush in his life) and I painted it. It was a fun weekend project for us and whenever we look at these paintings we smile with the memory of that weekend.

And since this turned out so well – I decided to blog about it. Initially the blog was just a place where I would document my experience and pictures of my home decoration experience and share it with close family members – my mother and my sister. And eventually this artistic bug in me nudged me to do more – create more stuff which were different and not available easily. And that’s when I started painting. 

It was Madhubani style of painting that interested me the most – the colour the vibrancy and the celebrations that the Madhubani paintings represent was something I could relate to. 

But my obsession to painting did not really stop at canvas – I painted a couple of lamps around the house too.

Alongside, my passion to discover more on home decor only grew. I now visit every possible flea market and specialized home décor shops to buy stuff for my house. And I blog about my experience – so be it a flea market or an online shopping experience, I blog about it all.
And ofcourse, there are these beautiful homes that my friends and family have that I love to share through my blog. Homes which are gorgeous and I just cannot get over how beautifully people have decorated them. 

By  now Im sure you are wondering... who she is... Ankita blogs at The Bangalore Snob and don't forget to read about why she choose that name for her blog... *smiles*


  1. Great to see another fan of TBS! :) Really well-written, Ankita di! :)

  2. This is so beautiful. what a lovely work of art. Specially liked lamps :)

  3. thank you so much Patricia! You are the BEST!

  4. Thank you Patricia for bringing this lovely artist to us! Ankita, the story of your creativity is very beautifully put...and I'm going to head over to check out your blog!

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  8. Can I order a Madhubani house name plate done by Ankita, online?

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