Friday 18 February 2011

The Friday Mix ~ Mindful Meanderings

Friday again.. and today I'm introducing you to my favourite creative person.. Her blog is a true inspiration and a treasure chest of ideas... for you and your kids... Honestly!! I dont know how she does it ... with so much ease!! Such a huge huge bundle of talent!! If you'd like to blog swap with me... please email me at
Greetings, I'm Shruti and it sure is nice to meet you. When Patricia asked me if I'd like to take part in the Friday Mix blog swap party, I was delighted. I love Colors Dekor for its rich, vibrant decor ideas and pictures.So, thank you Patricia for this lovely opportunity to be featured here. A Software Quality Analyst by day and crafty mommy blogger by night, I blog over at MindfulMeanderings where I share my original creative ideas, as well as other peoples' crafty projects.
Where people usually gush - "Oh that's so pretty, I'd love to buy that", The craft-o-holic in me goes "Oh! I'd love to make that".
I have a 4 year daughter, Lil P who thinks the world revolves around her.In my spare time, I Paint
, I blog and craft with the resident little princess.
I love making stuff and gifting them. I love simple ideas, recycling and quick transformations.
There is a lot of fun going on over at MindfulMeanderings so come, check it out! Every Month there is a theme based Artsy-Craftsy-Challenge for crafting with kids.
This Month's theme is crafting with Crepe paper / tissue paper. There are lots of prizes and giveaways as well. Crafting is a wonderful outlet for me, and I am happy to share it with you. Thanks for tuning in! I hope you'll join in so I can get to know you! :)


  1. Thank you Patricia :) for this lovely opportunity.

  2. Thank you Sudha & notyet100 :)

  3. wow, what amazing talent!! Fabulous!!

  4. @Shruti: Wow, you rock. This is a great idea you had about blog swapping. And though regular on your blog, it felt awesome to read about you on a different page too :-)Congratulations

  5. Aaah Shruthi--lovely to see your work up here. Am a big fan! :)


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