Monday 7 February 2011

Weekend Wrap Up 17

*sigh* where did the weekend go?? My weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter… Do you have the same feeling?? Mondays make me happy simply thinking about what I did … and how fulfilling the weekend really was… We danced & karaoke our way into the weekend on Thursday night… It was the first time we went to this couples house.. and it was a lovely set up of singing and dancing.. I love to sing… so sang a few songs… starting with my all time favourite ‘chura liya’… Friday was totally blissful… With retro music on the radio station… ~ Suno !! the cleaning, clearing & sorting became so much easier to do… We also visited my cousins little boy… the new addition to our family!! Little kids bring so much joy into the life of not only their parents and grandparents… but anyone who is around them.. *sigh* Wish my girlies were little… !! I'm linking in to Kim!! After nearly six month.. I started Saturday with a walk… it was indeed a lovely … lovely morning… the breeze & sun just right… !! Then we headed off to ballet class, a little bit of shopping and back to decluttering my home!! I have a few bags of give aways packed right in front of the door… Cant wait to get rid of all !! This week I’ll be focussing on clearing junk from the bedrooms as well.. So once all the boxes are ready… they’ll be off to charity.. I don’t know where all this junk comes from.. really!! I seem to clean up every month and there is always enough to give away.. The ‘take my junk’ people are simply so happy with me.. *smiles* Sunday was blissful.. It was lovely not to go to work… and take some good rest.. We headed off to the spa… for some back massage.. and feet reflexology.. *sigh* Isnt that just perfect?? I spent Sunday doing nothing… I don’t know how the day passed by !!

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  1. & relaxing all in one weekend. thats a lovely weekend indeed. And all that pink at your home looks stunning.

  2. Lovely!! Hey tell me na.. how do u manage to keep everything soo perfect :)

  3. gorgeous pics of ur home... Nice to hear that u had a relaxing weekend..!!

  4. Wow! So soothing! the next 2 weeks have been earmarked for 'de-cluttering' my craft room, hope it all pans out smoothly!

  5. wow wat a weekend!
    btwn, tel me if there's sum Karaoke club in dubai that has hindi film songs..I last month went to one wich had lots of Arabic plus sum Eng songs, and ended up wid a headache after hearing blah..blah Arabic songs.

  6. What more can u ask ? You seem to have had the right words for this weekend - dancing, singing, Walk, Decluttering, Shopping, A home visit and SPA. I too have made decluttering my theme for February. Let me see. I am expecting a trailer to pull out when I am done :-). Have a nice week ahead Patty

  7. Nice pics Patty! always :)Good to know that you had a fav weekend :)

  8. Your Weekends are always happening!! :) Will try n join the link party by EOD tomorrow.

  9. Just linked...fabulous pictures as usual. Loved the last one!!

  10. Finding time to relax and enjoy things that you love is definitely a fun feeling. Glad to hear that you had enjoyed your weekend.

  11. lovely pictures...fruitful weekend


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