Monday 14 February 2011

Weekend Wrap Up 18

This is my ‘roller coaster’ of emotions weekend… It definitely is!! Thursday evening my gran left us for her final destination… We were sad, but at the same time relieved that she didn’t suffer at all… She had a bath, dressed up and went off to sleep… Not to wake up again.. Isn’t that beautiful?? She was indeed a beautiful person… inside and out!! My dad was by her side… For the last two years or more… his mind was never at rest when he would be with us. He always wanted to be with his mom!! My dad loved her very very much… And it was heartbreaking in a different kind of way… to see my strong, big, bold dad ….. be gloomy and in distress…

Anyway… moving on to Friday… I had a quiet - at home Friday… some more cleaning, clearing… and helping my brother with his Tachez stuff.. I’m surprised (rather shocked) by the stuff he churns out… When he went to be a ‘pastry chef’… After completing his course in interior design!! I was like.. ‘what’…’what will you be?’ really? But I was so so wrong… He is good.. I don’t like to admit it… But he is fabulous… And with a sister who doesn’t step into the kitchen… I wont say more… in shame!! *wink*

I don’t know where Saturday went… Between two ballet classes, an additional ballet rehearsal… my Saturday disappeared some where!! … Sims is playing tea pot (I think) in the next Alice in Wonderland concert by her ballet school… She makes me proud with these little things she does!! Anyway.. the girls were super upset that we didn’t get to do any Valentines day craft… But they’ve been making cards and little paper hearts for all of us… That’s super sweet… I put out this red wreath on the table to give it a new Valentines day look… Do you like it??

I’ve been rather sick since Saturday night… with a tummy bug and dizzy spells.. I’ve had these mini dizziness kind of effect for a while now… (I like to see stars and be dreamy even during the day *smiles*) and I’ve been ignoring them… But Sunday and today.. is rather bad.. Hey… Its ok to be a little sick.. isn’t it.. *smiles* Which just means I’m even more stressed coz I haven’t been to work… and a truck is what I’ll need to carry my load… *sigh*
Oh.. so Happy Valentines Day to you all.... Its just nice to tell everyone that you love them... so go on and spread the love... I'm not one to really beleive in all the material things that go with this day.... but I like the thought of getting my mommy something... special today!! Now... go.. on and join the Weekend party.. ~~
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  1. So sorry to hear about your grandmom...but as you said, she is now at peace.
    Pls take need rest, rest and rest and a checkup. Work will always be there...

  2. sorry to hear about ur grandmother Patty.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandmom! But the fact that she went in peace is so comforting as compared to being in pain. S(my husband) lost his 95 year old grandmom last weekend. So I can partly understand what you are going through :(
    Take care!

  4. Sorry for your loss. Huggs. Take care of your health n get loads of rest please. Love the valentines day wreath.

  5. Sorry for your losst Patty.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. Sorry for your loss.
    Hope your family finds all the strength they need at this time.

    Loved the wreath, by the way.

  7. Sorry to hear taht! But well guess as u said at times going away peacefully is much betta than pain filloed days esp when they hv leady a long happy fulfilling life!

    N the "starry effect" u spoke of doesn seem good at alll! Please take care n get some rest!

  8. Sorry to hear about your grandmum. Love to your dad & the entire family.


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