Monday 28 February 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 20

*sigh* I wish I had one more day to the weekend sometimes… One day to rest!! This was my super busy weekend… On my toes till late Thursday (late for me… is 10pm *smiles*) and then up early Friday morning… to be part of the Dubai Terry Fox Run

Yay..!! what a feeling… when so many people gathered together for one cause… It was awesome to see the turn out… definitely more than the reported 8000 to 10000… The funds collected from the run were excellent too… Every single dirham collected goes directly towards cancer research at the Al Ain University.. It is indeed overwhelming to see the developments cancer research have made and even more breath-taking to think that this actually gives a few more days, months or even years to someone’s life. I admire the Doctors who put their hearts & souls into this.

Anyway… we finished at about 1pm in the afternoon and then I headed off to be back stage support for the Alice In Wonderland concert put up by the Turning Pointe Youth Ballet. I got an opportunity to see the kids practice… make mistakes…. be yelled at… It was like being in school again.. *smiles*

I must say, that the kids were totally awesome… every single one of them…. Hours of practice and a few butterflies in their tummies… yet they performed nothing less than true professionals… Sims was a little tea party girl… and was thrilled to be part of the show. She now understands how she fits into the bigger pictures. We watched the show on Saturday afternoon… totally awe struck!!

Then… Saturday evening, we wandered off to the Global Village… It was busy and crowded… But we braved the crowds to buy a dhol (I don’t know for what)…. and a few knick knacks… *smiles*…. As though walking at the Global Village wasn’t enough.. we went shopping for the upcoming birthday party… I’m super excited…. Its Yva’s party in two weeks… and there is lots and lots to do as usual… *smiles*…

So my lovelies… How was your weekend?? I’m not in the mood for blah blah rules today… so am jumping straight onwards.. and inviting you to link up… tell me all about your weekend… and link back to me…. *smiles*

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  1. what a weekend!!!!!!
    :) You sure know how to make the most of them!! a run, a ballet concert & a shopping trip.
    I have loads to write about. will try to link up.

  2. A great weekend with my granddaughter Isabella!! Birthday fun, shopping painting, etc!

    I have an Artful Offering and Interview on my site!

    Art by Karena

  3. You seem to get so many things done on weekends. I spent this weekend doing nothing :)

  4. hi patty ...i too have joined in!!

  5. I had a busy weekend too but not as busy as yours Patty! :) Linked in!

  6. Really can't believe you pull so many things off!


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