Thursday 3 February 2011

Walls with Character ~ Richa

I've received a few contributions to the 'walls with character' series.. and I have to admit.. I love when walls are personalised.. and reflect a touch of 'you'... Over to you ~ Richa!!

...was empty and I dreamt of having a collage or a collection of some pictures of M and myself over there. I did share this vision of adorning my white wall with pictures with M and guess what at our anniversary he got some of beautiful memories printed to be put on the wall. So we pulled up our socks to buy twelve similar looking black frames which would complement our wall, the black matt-finish LCD and our centre table. But our hunt that started from all the leading malls in the UAE only ended at Dilli Haat in our hometown Delhi in our last trip to India. And as soon as we got back to UAE we started thinking of different ways in which to put them up on our wall.

As simple as it seems to put up many photo frames together in some sync on a wall, believe you me you need to experience it to actually find out how difficult it can get. But then along came M with inchitape, scale and pencil stuck on the side of ear. And yes he did paint the wall just like I had thought it to be at the end of the day!

It was put up somewhere in the first week of the last month of last year and since then I wanted to share its pictures on my blog but due to huge monsters of laziness and lack of quick internet access I couldn't do it. But now is right time and here I present to you my brand new wall which once was just another white wall over the TV. Let me know how you find it!


  1. Lovely wall art Richa!..thanks for sharing Pat :)

  2. Cool ideas, arranging pictures on the wall also adds warmth to the space.

  3. Lovely arrangement ... Richa... !!

  4. Great idea I really like it!

  5. thanks everyone n thank u Patricia for featuring me. :)


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