Thursday 17 February 2011

Stationery Holder

Time for easy crafts again !! I made a stationery holder using a used envelope with a double design using a technique I learned many years ago during Home Science lessons.
First, I folded to the black side of the paper and cut slits horizontally [1st pic]. Then I cut the other patterned paper into thin strips and began weaving it as above.
Once it was done, I closed it into a cylindrical shape and stapled the ends.
If you notice, the bottom of the holder is a cutout from an old supermarket leaflet I found lying around
EAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSYYYYY PEASY !! That's it ! Happy looong weekend to all my fellow UAE-ites :-)


  1. How cool is this!! I love it..... great job!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Paper weaving :) This is something I learnt a long while back as a kid, but forgot how beautiful it looks till I saw ur stationary holder. Creative way of recycling envelopes.

  3. Thanks folks !! Iniyaal, I am revisiting weaving after ages, hope to make some more stuff! :)

  4. Urmi... this looks awesome.. I completely forgot about this.. so easy to do!! Will give this a go with my girls...


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