Wednesday 13 April 2011

My Home, My Haven - home tour Geetha & Raj

We are reviving the 'Home Tours' series on Colours Dekor, and are now calling it ~ 'My Home, My Haven'.

We believe that a house is transformed into a home by those who dwell within its four walls. A home built with love, care, warmth and attention to detail, no matter how zany. Where every corner tells a special story, every nook holds a beautiful memory. It is your own space, your joy spot, your safe haven.

Welcome to our new series. My home, my haven.

Here's featuring the home of Geetha and Raj, who live in Dubai, UAE. I happened to visit them a few weeks ago and couldn't resist asking for a home tour to be featured here. Their home has a settled in feel emanating from the wooden furniture, the balmy tone of their burnt orange wall and their collection of home accents, aptly reflecting the warm and welcoming people that they are.

Geetha, who Raj confessed is the decision maker for all home d├ęcor, blogs at Quest for Designs and Geetha-Paisley. She says that her inspiration is "Definitely Indian!" and style "comfort is a top priority". The warmth you sense from her home is because "warm earthy tones and antique metal are my colours...and generally warmers shades of any colour are so me". And you ask about the array of curios? Here's why..."We love travelling and collecting things unique to the places we visit", she says. All this is evident in the way Geetha has put the home together making the ambience homely and cosy.

Something tells me you’ll agree…

Wall pieces picked at the Nepal Pavillion at Global Village adorns the dining area...
more wall accents...
...and a quaint tablescapesome knick-knacks from their travels and otherwise... ...and wall pieces painted by Geetha herself amongst snippets from their holidays... all make for a well put together home! But wait, saving the best for the last yet, my favourite part of the tour are these serene Buddhascapes that complete the look of their home with just that note! :-)
Hope you enjoyed this home tour. If you'd like your home featured here, please email pictures to


  1. Beautiful the last image of the Buddha.

  2. luved her home,..;-)
    looks so warm and homely

  3. LOVE it Geeta!!! Thanks Harshi for posting the pictures.
    Geeta-you have a beautiful home. Raj was right, when he said "Geeta is the boss and she has made a beautiful home for us"[and he said it with a serene smile. And this in the middle of SIT]...:-)
    Loved the Buddhas...the wooden bureau on which the Budda is sitting,...the gorgeous wooden piece on teh wall..your paintings, the lovely brass figurines, the thai sculture and teh lovely Nepal pieces from Global village...
    Now we need to find out when Sammeer is coming to Atlanta next...:-)

  4. Beautiful home!! Love all the curated items!!

  5. beauuuuuuuutifully done up home...each and every piece is selected..........


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this Harshi! :)

  7. WHAT a gorgeous home, a perfect example of beauty in simplicity!! Loved it Harshi, thanks for sharing!!

  8. Oh Geetha... what a gorgeous home!! Definitely put together with a lot of love.. and a passion for home interiors..

    Can I come by... I might just be tempted to steal some stuff.. :-)

  9. Beautiful house tour ....each picture sets different tones and what a great collection and nicely put together...interesting house Geetha and Patty thanks for sharing it.

  10. Loved the home tour--she has great taste!

  11. beautiful home :)...very inspiring

  12. Gorgeous! loved the lady with the book :)

  13. Gorgeous home! Loved that wall with the picture windows!

  14. lovely home decor stuffs...!

  15. Hi,.
    Came via Colors dekor. Fabulous house . It is sheer poetry!
    Thanks for sharing with readers!.


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