Tuesday 16 November 2010

Shanthi's Weekend Wrap Up 6

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Shanthi's Weekend

Here is the autumn walk I promised to take you on and with the first flakes of snow hitting the ground already today, I am rushing in to send these pics of the last autumn weekend. Strong predictions that this year winter is going to be the most severe in the last 1000 yrs (last year we had upto minus 27 degrees for 3 weeks. NO NO NO No hmmmmmmmmm, no Sighs, no huh's - our spirit here is - there is never bad weather, it is only bad clothes - so dress up folks :-)

My favorite walking place
This small town Drøbak is a haven for artists as well as art lovers.
Meandring thru' the narrow paths I tried to capture these beautiful things in front of the houses
In the last leg I had to stop by this farm house as the warmth of this light was too much to resist.
Look closely what they are made of. I am sure most of us from India have grown up using some of them.
A compulsive shopper that I am, had to bring these home :-)
Going to India on the 17th :-). First to a beach wedding in Goa, then to a wedding of my office boy - worked with me for the past 10 yrs and then to see my Grand dad who is 93 yrs and then to Hyd. Will keep posting exciting things from there. I am fully equipped now with a new camera :-)
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  1. Oh my goodness all those trees are gorgeous!!! Great pics doll!


  2. Enjoy your journey!

    Regina Dwarkasing

  3. wow...your pics are stunning! Have a great & safe trip back home...thanks for the sweet comment & the email.

  4. Hmmm, I'm wondering what a re the chances that two design bloggers are headed to goa for a wedding? Small world? Let me know.

    Loved taking a "walk" with you......

  5. Oh! I so envy you! For the india trip and the gorgeous silver jewellery :)

  6. The effect of light in pic 2 & 3. My fav is #5. That looks like its out of a coffee table book. Just Gorgeous!!!

  7. That sounds like a gr8 weekend, thankfully I have no more weddings to attend, at least the week ahead. Loved the fantabulous jewelery and the colored glass.

  8. Lovely pics...!! Luved the garden pics.. - the boat, the cycle and the table-top fountain.... !!

  9. Thank you all. :-) I am in INDIA now. Just enjoying the lovely weather and the beautiful wedding.

    GB and Divya hope you are both back to normal :-).

  10. wonderful fall colors !!!!! Loved every one of them!

  11. luve d coin neckpiece!!
    jaw droppin!!



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