Friday 12 November 2010

Art and more by Meera

Here is a visual treat… rather retreat of art work… It will transport you to another world!! Can you tell that a true artist lives here. You’ve got to see Meera’s work!! Without formal training in art… her work is magical, aesthetic, exquisite and mystical.. She will surely leave you spell bound!! She blogs at Art by Meera… and this post is an attempt to show you her gorgeous artwork and how she displays her work at home – pairing it with artefacts from other artists, things she collected during travels and stuff that she made. The rangolis are either painted or embroidered over the years.
My blog ‘Artbymeera’ is an indulgence - a place to share my adventures in painting, photography and reflections on life. It is also where I share my inspirations, my love of reading, science and nature. I came to drawing and painting as an adult and have been dabbling in it for about fifteen years now – even though I feel I just started *smiles* I don’t have formal art training but have benefited from a few classes here and there or workshops now and then by other artists.
I am thankful for the abundance of DVDs, books, and of course, the internet that allows me to explore art the world over and expand my knowledge and understanding of art and form friendships with other artists. I use water media, colour pencils or graphite and find myself using them all in the same piece. I paint whatever captures my imagination and try both realistic and abstract styles to convey my impressions.
I love colours and often experiment with textures. My family members are my personal art critics, unconditional supporters and cheer leaders and of course great art patrons too *huge smile*
Over the years I have won a couple of modest awards, juried into a few local, national and even one international show. I look forward to see where my art adventures take me :)
I wont talk any more.. and will let the photographs talk for themselves..
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  1. Wow.Lovely work.I truly believe now talent is God-gifted and she is a perfect example of this.:-)

  2. Talent galore. Will check out for more on her blog.

  3. Beautiful work, I lake it!

    Nice and happy weekend.

  4. Thanks Patricia - I really appreciate your kindness :)

  5. I really liked her work. Thanks Patty for introducing us to her! I'm off to check her blog...

  6. Beautiful works. I am heading straight to her blog.

  7. Like like like like! Beautiful work Meera! Looks like a few watercolors?? Thats such a difficult medium to work with, I gave up!!! Lovely stuff!

  8. LOVE that purple rug! It's beautiful! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog :) Life is a journey, and I will figure my journey with my blog out soon. Until I do, I will keep posting my creations. They are what help keep me sane :)


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