Thursday 18 November 2010

The ring

Three years ago, flipping through a magazine, I came across this beautifully handcrafted ring. Needless to say, totally fell in love with it. What’s more, my wedding anniversary was round the corner and closer still was a jewellery show where RASVIHAR showcased…that very ring! So, all I have left to say is, this handcrafted piece now rests amongst my treasures. :-) Definitely one of my very few extravagances, this gold ring with uncut diamond is just one of jewelry designer Ahalya's (of RASVIHAR) aesthetic creations. And of course, one of my most treasured possessions ever. Sharing pics of the ring in all its angles... :D

The raw finish uncut diamond was dissed by few who went...that's a DIAMOND?? But I find it way too charming :-)
The antique finish gold, an all time favourite...
The intricate workmanship...
Ahalya's work has found a big fan in me since then.
She also sells at Etsy under the name Parisera.
Wish you a happy Eid and Thanksgiving! Until next time, Much love, Harshi


  1. This post reminded me of the Pavitra mothiram (or the purifying ring) that my father used to wear on his right ring I understand wearing this ring helps to purify the mind and the body of the wearer thereby enabling him / her to lead a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life..

  2. Congratulations Harshi...Beautiful ring and lovely pictures.
    I can see Cherry talking to Satish for a similar gift...:-)) Will be adding on...when i, them on Sun for Thanksgiving supper...:-)

  3. Only a connoisseur of art would value such a creation. Beautiful!

  4. wow! What a beautiful ring. I wish Rasvihar had an outlet in South Africa.

  5. Not surprising coming that from Ahalya. I am great fan of her too good Kanjeevaram Sarees at Sarangi. She got the Assocham - woman heritage award for 2010. Wanted to feature her in future :-).

  6. Congrats on the wedding anniversary! :) I've been a huge fan of Ahalya/Rasvihar too for a while now! I didn't know she sold on Etsy, really really thanks for that info! Ahalya's mom was my kidergarten teacher and she taught me how to wear a sari well yrs ago when I was leaving school :)

  7. Ash, that info is enlightening. I do remember relatives back home making such conversation, but that was way back. Could do with that info now. ;-)
    Anpu - Cherry leans towards the quintessential solitaire and so does her hubby. Awaiting thanksgiving updates! :-)
    D - I hear you :-)
    Shanthi - Parisera on Etsy is the closest you can get. Unfortunately she hasnt featured her gorgeous gorgeous jhumkis there yet. Ahalya deserves that award and more recognition! Love her work!
    SHP - Thanks much, this was 3 years ago though. Aren't you lucky her mom tutored you on sari wearing 'cos i believe Ahalya is an embodiment of true Indianness! Must add again, how much I love your fab blog! :-)

  8. Beautiful should have posted one pic with the ring on your finger too :). I have a bangle from rasvihar lace series - I wear it for every occassion that I can, so I know what you mean!


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