Wednesday 10 November 2010

Diwali Crafts & being creative with Cardboard

Hope all of you had a fun Diwali !! Did any of you try the designs I had posted last time? Please do send me pictures!! Here is my rangoli...I had absolutely no time on hand, else I was dreaming of a bigger design. Well, next year surely.

I made these for my son's school, to be displayed in the front lobby. His school has a great mix of cultures; and I am proud to say that they are very accepting of all religions and nationalities. This year a lot of Indian children are enrolled there, so I suggested that it was only fitting that we put up something to convey Diwali wishes to everyone.

I crafted them out of....... leftover cereal box cardboard!! Have any of you explored that as a medium? There seems to be no end to what all you can make out of cardboard. Since it is a fairly pliable material and is also easy to paint on or cut patterns out of, it is my all-time favourite.
Cardboard is also very lightweight which makes it easier to handle.I also love making these little signs out of cardboard that can be put around the house as well.If you would like to buy any of them, please let me know.
In the summer this year I spent a lot of time exploring my craftsy self so this is what I had come up with. Lots and lots of handmade envelopes !! What I would like to highlight here is that these have been made by recycling used paper. Like them?

That's all from me this week. I do hope you liked these pics !! Keep learning, stay inspired and love what you do!!


  1. Very nice and interesting, I lake it!!!

  2. You are setting such a good example by recycling paper. If I had half your artistic skills, I'd try them immediately.

  3. The handmade envelopes are brilliant, lovely art work..

  4. You possess lots of skills


  5. Thanks a lot ladies :) Your comments mean a lot to me, I am touched!

  6. Very beautiful..Love those cards...colorful and creative..


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