Monday 29 November 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 8

Hello my lovelies…. I’m sure by now, you know what I was upto this weekend… Yes!! It was a weekend of de-cluttering… Started with my girls room and managed to pack away two boxes of goodies!! From new toys, to clothes still with tags, birthday give aways like pencils, colour pens, colouring books, new bags etc… Then went onwards to the rest of the bedrooms.. My hubby and girlies are true hoarders… From golf tee-shirts, to golf bags, books, towels. Even if you don’t use things that have a logo on it…. you sure have to keep it safe!! *wicked grin* But I managed to put out a few bags and boxes…. Packed away all my Diwali decorations in pretty boxes, tagged them so I know exactly what is in them! Sorted out stuff for my girls birthday in two weeks… So now I have two boxes consisting of birthday stuff… I was done by Friday night and totally exhausted by then! Have you checked out the other blog link parties? Saturday was spent making the house look pretty. Here is a new addition to my table top… The Golf book obviously doesn’t belong to me… *smiles* Nevertheless shows you what is important to the people sharing this space! Normally we put up our Christmas decoration after Sims birthday… We made ‘JOY’ out of newspaper.. Tutorial to follow this week. It was a test run!! We will change it to Simone for her birthday… *smiles* Then we started work on our ‘Advent Calendar’. I don’t really like to buy new Christmas decorations unless I really need it. The girls and I are putting away money that we would spend for gifts and decorations aside and are hoping we can make one other persons Christmas special. So Advent Calendar tutorial to follow this week as well… Hope you had a joyful, relaxed weekend... Do join the Weekend Wrap Up Party... Here is how.. -
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  1. you must be feeling so awesome after all the a way it is so therapeutic, isn't it?
    can't wait to go through the tutorials

  2. OH these look so cool!!!


  3. You always feel so good after decluttering..looks like u had a fruitful weekend.

  4. Yup, I agree with all the comments. Nothing as liberating as de-cluttering! A clutter free home makes for a clutter free mind! Am working on my Wrap Up...will post soon! Have a lovely week Patty!

  5. wow.. you had quite a happening weekend!! will post mine soon!!

  6. You are inspiring me, Patty! But then you always have been.

  7. Your past 2 posts have inspired me to declutter Patty1 I'm going to turn into a human vaccuum cleaner and garbage disposal today!

  8. fav topic!
    You are inspiring me girl :)

  9. Its been a while since I de-cluttered. Need to get to it.

  10. Dosen't decluttering makes you feel lighter mentally too !!


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