Saturday 30 May 2009

Table Dekor

Happy Weekend to all!!! Most weekends I spend sharpening colour pencils… This weekend.. I decided to use it as my coffee table décor… This is how it looked

Does anyone have any ideas of what else I could do with these????

So how did your weekend go???

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Warli - from a little village

Warli is a popular art from a little village in Maharashtra with the same name. This is the most intriguing form of Indian art. My daughters call them the stick men.

Warli paintings are expressions of the daily lives of these tribes. The stories revolve around harvest season, weddings, celebrations, customs, other rituals, etc. Predominately white colour is used on a red earthen background. Just like this house below -

The simple monochromes compositions that mainly consist of geometrical designs, can still be so appealing. The simplest form of art – Warli. This was painted in my foyer..
I picked up this CD rack from IKEA .. and revived it with a little dose of Warli ...
On the walls ...
a closer look....
I’m currently working on a lamp…. Or rather have been far too lazy to complete it… so post to follow!!!

Sunday 24 May 2009

Sunday inspiration

Another Sunday to start my week...

I truly like day beds... (I think that’s what they are called!!!)

But these beds with lots of pretty coloured cushions look great... in your living room, or in your teenage daughters room.... or just in a small cozy corner of your mansion!!

What do you think

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Interior Design - Simplistic & Stunning

Vistaar Associates are an architecture & interior design firm, with a vision of improving the quality of life through influencing our everyday surroundings.

Shewta is an architect based in Hyderabad, with an eye for uniqueness. Her designs strive to achieve balance, functionality, simplicity and yet are visually stimulating.

The home featured here is redesigned by Vistaar Associates for a young, fun loving, outgoing couple and their 2 kids. Keeping this in mind, the design included separate formal spaces for entertaining that were minimal yet functional enough to be kept clean at all times.

The bar & dining area. Check out the ceiling... The home also has a cozy living area where the whole family could just lounge around. You’ve got to have a look at the partitions in the living room. Here the idea was to ensure that the glass is not totally see through. Hence textured glass was used with fabric !! What a great idea??!! The living room continues the same sea blue dreamy feel…. The dark wood is the unifying theme here… Oh.. Dont miss the blinds!

For this project they reused and recycled and made best use of everything they could.

The old cabinets, old doors got a change of skin. Old furniture got a facelift and infact most of the furniture like centre tables, side tables etc in the formal drawing room were made from ply from old cabinet shutters, etc. Now isn’t that functionality!! Here is a picture of the renovated main door.

In some cases, the central portion was cut open and glass or fabric added. Check out the wardrobe in the master bedroom, a deep red woven bannana fibre is used here. Look at the before and after pictures… they are absolutely stunning. As for me… the functionality & colours truly inspired me… what about you??

Sunday 17 May 2009

Sunday inspiration

Sunday is the first day of the week for me…, while most of you are still enjoying your weekend!! I thought I’ll start my week with an inspiration…. So here goes!! Let me know what you think!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend… Did you do anything special this weekend?

Thursday 14 May 2009

Rashvihar – The Fine Art of Indian Jewellery

I was thrilled to receive an email from Rasvihar to feature them on my blog. I read about them on ‘The Keybunch’ and have saved it as a place I must visit if ever in Chennai. Rasvihar is a beautiful, one of a kind jewellery store based in a sprawling bungalow on Sterling road, Chennai.
Exquisite design is the underlying theme through out the store and not just the jewellery it houses. Priceless paintings and artifacts adorn the walls and its hushed ambiance provides a perfect setting to make jewellery buying a one of a kind experience.
This is truly a place dedicated to creating jewellery with their hearts and souls. India has always been famous for jewellery making. I’m sure when in this store you will feel like royalty. Look at its interiors –

I’m one of those people who needs a lot of time and some guidance to choose the right jewellery. This sure looks like a place where customers can come in, relax and browse through their vast selections.
This is what their website says –
Once a guest has settled into the comfort of a divan, luxurious carpeting at her feet, pieces that’ve piqued her fancy are brought to her on a silken tray, along with a traditional hand-held mirror to help her make a selection.
At Rasvihar, jewellery-buying is a joyous experience, as luxurious and unhurried as a spa.
My final pictures will help you choose a piece for yourself.

I’m definitely visiting Rasvihar when in Chennai next!! What about you??

Sunday 10 May 2009

Ranya's Home

I picked up a copy of the emirates home magazine and was ever so thrilled to see an ex-colleague and friends home featured in it. I was even more excited to know that she is now a ‘jewellery designer’… Way to go Ranya!! Her jewellery ‘Ranya design’ was created after the birth of her son. She made a disk with his name on it in Arabic Calligraphy as a memento and put it on a rope of semi precious stones. She received so many compliments that she turned her hobby into a profession. Wow!!! Today ‘Ranya design’ is sold at S*uce boutiques. The magazine described her home as ‘an earthy home with a Mediterranean attitude’… Here are some pictures –
The design signature of Ranya’s home is the arched windows which were designed and built by her husband Prajit Arora.
Her home reflects her down to earth values and is painted in neutral tones and filled with everything that is useful. Ranya’s interior style seems effortless but is in fact quite studied. Linen loose covers and a palette made up of coffee, mocha and cream colours combine for a Provencal feel.
Isnt it lovely??