Friday 28 November 2014

The new Dusit

We've stayed at Dusit hotels in a few places now... but the Dusit Devarana simply has my heart... and you'll know why.. 

This is at the entrance of the hotel, made of metal leaves.. Very modern.. 

I love the feeling of spaciousness and openness in the entire hotel... Its simply impressive.. They also have a little mandir.. sorry!! I forgot to click pics.. 

As  you enter, you are greeted with this aarthi thaali.. 

The interiors are very modern.. and is a good blend of asian & modern.. 

I love the use of natural lights as well.. and water bodies giving it that perfect reflection.. 

This is the ceiling of the entrance.. Isn't that impressive??

Look at the lounge.. Can you tell there is water there.. 

I bet you can't wait to see the rooms now.. *grins*

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Festivities continue

I have a new blogger friend, Meghana Hassan, who blogs at My World, who doesn't know that I have such a week heart when it comes to festive decor, and how I simply love every little effort someone does to make their home look stunning... 

My World is a Travel and Lifestyle blog and Meghana is an Engineer by studies, but a homemaker and a full time mom of a 5 year old daughter by choice. 

This year she celebrated Diwali, at her brother's place in Bangalore. 

Now isn't that impressive??

Monday 24 November 2014

one more Diwali post

I promise this is the last Diwali post... I know.. I know.. I know its been nearly a month since Diwali, but I've still been celebrating it here.. *smiles*.. And I know you've enjoyed them as much as I have.. 

And now over to Supriya

'I am “Solution Architect in telecommunication domain”, a thorough technical person who was totally unaware about your world, till we renovated our old apartment in 2012.
While surfing on the net for some tips on Home D├ęcor, I found myself in an entire enchanting world. I simply could not believe that such amount of creativity is available right there with a single click on my lappy.
And soon I became addicted to this world, at times it is like I am living two different lives, one total technical working, reading on “Tele-management” forums,  while the other one exploring everything beautiful & creative.'

I am very fascinated with Urli decorations, and tried my hands on it, you can see a transition in my efforts. So this year as well, I wanted something very different. 
Also, I learned few tips of decorating table space from all the blogs that I follow

This year’s inspiration came from “Good Home’s Red Alert” issue, hence tried to stick with red colour. You guys have turned me into a collector and thankfully my job profile allows me some amount of travel, so I have picked the items in my decoration from various places.

Friday 21 November 2014

Some Diwali inspiration

You've seen Supriya's table decor this Diwali, now be mesmerized by her home... *smiles*

'I'm a home-maker and mom to a super naughty 2 and half year old son and my husband is a naval officer. I have always been fond of art, craft & decor.'

And with a naughty little son running around, she still managed to make the mango leaves toran, the rangoli and all the sweets.. and ofcourse decorating her lovely home too... *sigh*... Im inspired by Supriya's energy and Im sure you will be too!!

Last of the Diwali series this week.... *smiles*.. I can't seem to get enough of the Diwali twinkle...

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Festivities at Saradha

Sharing with you today a few images from Sharadha's home.. 

The rangoli is done in bandini style.. Isn't it beautiful... With a lovely pair of anklets for Lakshmi ji.. 

And here are some of the lovely sweets she made at home..

Isn't the morning light on this lovely.. .you can even smell the fragrance of this.. *sigh*

Oh.. how I love festivities.. 

Monday 17 November 2014

Festivities at Kirans

You know I totally love it when my readers share images of their homes... 

It doesn't have to be a perfect picture... You dont have to be an ace photographer, but the fact that you send your images to share with me... makes me super happy... .

Just after Diwali, Kiran sent me these images of her home during the festive season... Enjoy!

Bright colours, lovely flowers, and candle light... always brings a smile on my face.