Friday 30 August 2013

Last of the Bali series

This is the last of the Bali series.. Don't smile...

The living room has a window that opens completely... to the pool area... Now isn't that stunning.. Bliss!! 

the little dining area and kitchenette 

see.. what I mean.. the dining area... have a meal.. and jump into the pool.. LOL

The food in this place was amazing too... And we had our own little butler who would come and put the food out.. You can even ask for  BBQ at your villa... *sigh*.. 

Now thats what I call.. spoiling yourself.. 

One last view.. of the impressive space.. 

Totally in love with Le Jardin...

Wednesday 28 August 2013

lets go upstairs!!

Ofcourse I'm not done with Bali.. I have to show you each corner of these gorgeous Le Jardin Villas... *smiles* 

So ... lets go upstairs today... 

Remember I said.. natural lights.. and sunlight beaming in.. everywhere.. This is the roof of the stairways.. 

Leading into this... door... that I will open for you shortly..

Saying that.. I cant get this pic to tilt.. anyway... you know how it looks.. right!!

So this door... takes you to another bedroom... 

With a huge balcony and attached bath... *sigh*... 

Isn't this stunning.. Wish I could do this at home.. 

*sigh*.. more images of our open bath... 

Can you imagine lazing around here... 

or sitting with a book... and some coffee... 

The view of the pool... from the terrace... Isn't this place absolutely stunning... 

Now.. lets go back down.. I have more to show you.. *smiles*.. 

So.. if you ever go to Bali.. make sure you stay at Le Jardin.. or simply call the awesome Kavita.. to give you options.. *smiles*

Monday 26 August 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 30

Yes, I'm still in Bali.. coz I can't get over how beautifully this villa is built... with simple interiors.. and ample sunlight coming in... 

from the bedroom... the view of the pool area.. 

This is the opposite area of the bedroom where there is direct sunlight the whole day.. So you don't need to switch on the lights at all.. 

and when it rains.. it looks beyond impressive.. 

from another angle... 

Now.. the attached bath room.. looked like this... 

Only half of the bathroom had a roof... the rest was open... (no plastic sheet or any other type of covering).. .

When it rained.. it would rain in the tub too.. and made this space look gorgeous.. *sigh*... 

See what I mean.. no use of electricity... at all

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Friday 23 August 2013

My Bali Journal

Now.. you already know I love Bali...

But.. to say.. I totally love Le Jardin Villas... is something.. 

We checked into our 2 bedroom boutique villa... thanks to Kavita from DW Travel, who always books the most amazing places for me... *smiles*..

The interiors were so amazing.. the hospitality simply superb... we didn't want to step out... 

Now.. don't ask why we had a 2 bedroom for two people... LOL.. Din't I say.. we like to splurge when the kids dont travel with us... 

Welcome to our villa... 

I loved.. the TV Cabinet.. and the fact that you could close it to look like a painting.. and slide the painting to watch TV... a lovely way to hide the TV from your living room.. 

And the colours of the living room were green and orange.. with a neutral background.. And ofcourse by now you know.. how much I love neutral hues... with a splash of colour.. 

The towels... were all folded into various shapes and sizes.. 

The staircase took you to the second bedroom... *smiles*

I simply love the brick wall.. and the openess of this place.. The architecture allowed ample sunlight... 

a view from the top... the colours of my life for a few days.. *smiles*.. 

Do you like what you see? Would you take any of this into your home?

Wednesday 21 August 2013

The Bali journal

For the next week or so... I'm taking you all to Bali.. one of my favorite places in the whole world.. a place out of a story book... the people so calm, polite, subdued .. everyone religious.. and touched by his calmness... 

We stayed at Le Jardin Villas in Seminayak, Bali... for my hubbys bday last year...  

When we dont take the kids along, we tend to splurge a bit... and stay at exotic kind of places.. Not really exorbitant... but we indulge in a bit of lavishness.. and this is one such resort.. 

This is how the reception area looked.. 

Walking to our room... Now.. isn't that enchanting? magical? mysterious? 

at our door.... 

Welcome to our little villa for a few days.. *smiles*

From the main gate of the villa to the villa door.... can you see the fish?

and then a few pebbles to the entrance.. 

Now I cant wait to take you inside the villa... so stay tuned to some beautiful architecture..