Friday 29 September 2017

Boho themed birthday

A Nutella themed cake for the nutella lover ... 
Isn't this cake impressive.
You've got to order your cakes from Moonface, if you are based in Dubai. 

We had a little drinks station, giving the girls a choice of cold coffee, a variety of juices, and fruits to put in your drink & ice tea. Ofcourse they loved the choices! 

and i think I loved it too!! 

This is the table setup with food & other snacks!! 

A little cup cake station for the girls to put their toppings.. 

Fresh waffle station!! This was a huge success .. and the girls totally loved the choice of toppings & the writing...

Finally the give away bags. 

With a little thank you note! I love organising birthday parties for kids. But my girls are now growing up too soon... *sobs!

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Boho themed party - part 2

Here is showing you the rest of the decor. 

We had a little tee pee set up for the girls to enjoy some photo opportunities. You'll notice I use this tee pee at nearly every event at home. The younger kids just love it. 

And the older kids love it too... See what I mean?

Around the garden we had little flags & dream catchers. No matching colours or anything. Just anything pretty we found indoors, came outdoors to form part of the boho decor.

Giving you a better view...

Another corner..

This dream catcher had a few feathers below it... for the girls to write a birthday message for Eva. It was a huge success.

And Eva truly values it, and still has it hanging in her room.

The girls loved writing messages....

One of Evas favourite gifts this birthday was a poloriod camera... They posed & had pictures of themselves on display... It was rather cute...

All in all a pretty birthday...

Part 3 on Friday to show you what we did for cake & food. See you then!!

Monday 25 September 2017

Boho themed birthday - Part 1

For my younger daughters birthday, we put together a boho themed party for her. Shes wild, carefree, loves colours & art and definitely is unconventional (possibly in a good way!)

So here is the invitation...

The garden area was set up with everything from indoors, from cushions to table cloths, rugs, mats, even furniture & decor accessories from my little girls room *smiles*

We used four warehouse palettes for the table. 

Some decor moved from indoors to outdoors ...

Thats how the outdoors looked... 

Do you see a basket in the background? We had wreathes to wear on your hair for the little girls.. They looked so pretty...

More decor & other activity ideas in part 2. Stay tuned!!

Friday 22 September 2017

Library in Sri Lanka

On an quaint little street in Sri Lanka, we stumbled upto this old library .... 
My heart skipped a beat and I wanted to be here forever.. 
No!! No!! Not for the books...
But just for the most amazing furniture ever... 

I love those chairs... that table... that cabinet.. and those shelves... 

Have you every come across something like this? So unexpected & so beautiful!? 
Email me on if you have!! 

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Home tour Elouise

A Dubai based Yoga, Vedanta & Sanskrit teacher, Elouise known as Lakshya in the yoga community, has brought yoga to all stratas of Dubai's social landscape, be it the workers of the labour camps or young, go-getting professionals who come to her free community sunset class every Saturday at Safa Park.

DLGH redesigned her studio apartment, and transformed it into an oasis of Zen.
Read more on the DLGH  projects list.

Read more about Lakshya Yoga here :

Isn't this home simply spectacular?

Monday 18 September 2017

Hello Friends

Its been a long long time... hope you've missed me on the blog *smiles*

We had a lovely evening last week with Mr. Valentine Shipley & his awesome guitar.... Some people are just so passionate about the stuff they do! Its impressive.

So here I am ... very passionate about my candles and how they look ...

Leaving you with one of my favourite songs from him