Monday 10 October 2016

Harry Potter Birthday 2

Did you enjoy the first post?? I'm sure you did!! Not as much as we enjoyed the party!!

Don't miss the Grand stair case... I can bet you it was moving too... *grins*

This was the toilet... oh and we had a pic of Moaning Myrtle as well... Forget to get a pic.. 

Outside we recreated the Forbidden Forest - hopefully a magical forest .. Using large branches of trees at the edges of the garden.

Here is a warning letter to kids.. 

Hagrid coming to meet the new students.. 

Oh... once the kids settled in... we had a sorting ceremony.

This was a handmade sorting hat.. made with two party caps (one a standard cowboy one for the base, and a cone shaped one for the top, plus some newspaper, glue & colours). The sorting hat had a mobile phone in the corner.. and kids were amazed.. that it actually said something!!

At the end of the ceremony, all the kids got black tee shirts with the house ties printed on them.. 

Introducing Professor Sybill Trelawney - who did most of the party DIYs *smiles*

Who was accompanied by Nyphadora Tonks

Once the kids were settled they had some pumpkin juice & goodies..

We then had Potter make an appearance with the cake

This cake was beautifully crafted by Moonface Cakes & Cupcakes Dubai

Divination — a subject that requires an inherent skill or inclination that not everyone may possess. Here is Professor Sybil Trelawney, making a prophecy, through her tea leaves and crystal ball.

It was fabulous to see everyone dressed up... 
We also had Severus Snape & Lord Voldemort

We played Quidditch ... I dont have any good pictures of that sadly... coz we lost the light.. 

The kids had a fantastic time with this frame... 

Finally the Grand dining hall... 

The candles were hanging off the ceiling.. and the kids were absolutely thrilled...  to see the flying / floating candles.. 

Everyone was served homemade Butter Beer 

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.... If you've had a spectacular party... send me some images too... on

Monday 3 October 2016

Harry Potter Birthday Party 1

This is long overdue...

The Harry Potter themed Birthday party for my teenage Potter mad child...  took weeks of preparations... This was a surprise birthday party and she didn't have a clue all this was happening in the back ground.

As usual, my cousins got together to make this occasion a memorable one.... 

Simone will remember this forever.. and so will the rest of us... 

Here is how we put the Harry Potter theme together... 

Entrance to platform 9 ¾ for Hogwarts Express was recreated - using a maroon colour table cloth & white tape...

The kids were sent off to our little store room to receive their own letters of acceptance to Hogwarts...

 The letters were hanging off helium balloons with owls stuck on them to make the delivery look as real as possible.

One of the broom sticks (sorry no complete pic)

As they entered Diagon Alley, Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions was waiting... Each girl picked up a robe.. and walked onwards...

The robes were stitched by my aunt... Shes simply fabulous... 

The potions table was filled with bottles of all sizes, with all sorts of potions and a label to identify the potions too ...

No prizes for guessing that everything that we could use at home... was here... 

The bottle stickers were created on photoshop... This was so much fun!! 

One more look at the Potions table... The kids had such a fantastic time.... clicking pictures of all this.. 

Ollivander's Wand Shop is the sole wand shop of Diagon Alley. 

Remember... The wand chooses the wizard... 

The wands were handmade with chopsticks & glue... Thanks to one of my cousins!! 

Loads more pictures in the next post... I bet you can't wait... *smiles*

Monday 19 September 2016

A picnic birthday party

It is always beautiful to have an ourdoor birthday celebration for little ones.

Since Prachi's little Sara loves being outdoors, when she turned seven they took her celebrations out doors and here is what Prachi put together.... Its simply beautiful.

Teeny tiny picnic baskets were the invitations. To each of the baskets was given a pop of bright pink and green (the colour theme - pink, green and brown), a brown paper scroll that had the party details and a green and pink rubber band around it.

Here is a little poster to direct the tiny guests. 

The chevron bunting and several green paper balls were hung all around, to make the park area even more beautiful than it already was with the lush greens & big trees. 

Prachi used a free alphabet bunting printable to make a third bunting that read, “Happy Birthday Sara”. She printed it on brown paper and used some jute twine and brown pegs to bring it all together.

The party games were the cutest, here is what Prachi says :
After the kids had a little time to settle down we played three picnic games. The invitation card read we’ll run, explore and play and that is exactly what we did. For the first game the children were divided into two teams and we had a relay. I used the triangular flags you saw above to mark the beginning and the end of each activity. The kids had to balance a lemon on a badminton racket followed by maneuvering a ball between some obstacles with their feet and finally balance plates on their head to reach the finishing line. For the second game, we explored. Each child was given this Let’s go exploring card that didn’t take very long for me to make and print. They were also given bags to collect leaves, rocks, branches, etc before they set out for exploration. For the third game, the kids stood in a circle and had to name animals and birds found on earth, in air and in water. The catch was that category was given by the child before them in the circle and they had to be super fast. Also you couldn’t repeat answer. There was obviously a lot of screaming and jumping

Menus... for the kids & adults...

 The menu for the kids was carrot, cucumber and cheese sandwiches, butter and oregano corn, juicy green grapes, potato crisps, dried rose cookies and lemonade.

For the adults homemade falafel, hummus and garlic yoghurt baguettes, a carrot, cucumber, mint and bulghar wheat tabbouleh along with green and black grapes, potato crisps, dried rose cookies and lemonade. There was also coconut water and sparkling water for everyone.

Whats a party without popcorn, peanuts, salted nuts and pumpkin seeds to munch on.

The food was packed into individual portions in picnicky green bags complete with a straw, a spoon and a napkin with a napkin ring around it that was made with origami paper and a “table mat” to place food on as well. (Prachi used large doilies and made a brown paper ring to hold it together). To the green “picnic basket” was a little tag - Let’s Picnic.

For the beautiful setup, they carried furniture from Sara’s room to the park. The below rack for the food bags, her table for the cake and our step ladder for the return gifts. They also took all the rugs from her room for the stuff that was to be put on the ground.

The frames from Saras room that Prachi distressed a few years ago.... were used for decor and to “frame” the little guests for the birthday pictures. Photo booth of sorts.

Aya from Aya cupcakes made this adorable, which was designed by little Sara. Making her dream into reality. 

Pink & green candles for the cake and bamboo plates to serve the cake.

A picnic birthday party cannot be complete without a picnic basket party favor. The tag read: Fly a kite, hunt for fallen flowers, collect a few pebbles, run around, eat a snack, plant a tree and blow some bubbles. Go on a picnic.

The picnic baskets was filled with edible pebbles, umbrella shaped bottles of bubbles and a tiny flower pot. The children also got these colourful kites and wind streamers at the party itself. 

Thats how the little picnic baskets were displayed... on a rug from Saras room. 

Can you see the beautiful setup below... with furniture from Saras room, some on the floor... and an IKEA stood for adding height... 

Simply adorable.. 

The geens with dashes of pink and brown... little ones running around with pink ribbons or flying kites.. What a beautiful birthday this would have been..