Monday 31 October 2011

The Weekly Store ~ wk 55

First of all... a BIG 'Thank you' to all those who participated in the 'Give Away' last week... However, I've extended it till 4th Nov and will announce winners on 5th Nov. Till then, go on, share on your FB pages and let friends and family join in.... Like I said.. the stuff on shopo is awesome... You'll get lost for a while.. and I'd love to send something to my lovely readers... *hugs*

So how was your weekend?? Mine was filled with candles.. and more... *smiles*.. 

Here are some images of our dining table for Halloween....

Do you like what you see??

So I can't wait for you to link in...!! 'The Weekly Story' linky party ~ open from Monday through Wednesday every week.. ... ... ...
  1. Do a post on your blog, about ANYTHING! and it can really be anything – example – a fun recipe you tried out, a craft project, a DIY, a table top, a few candles, coffee with friends or a good book or a movie review… The list is endless… just about ANYTHING… and anything about YOU !! *smiles* ... It can also be 'anything pretty' ...
  2. Original photographs only... No images from other websites or magazines please!! This is about YOU.
  3. Link back to my blog.... only as a courtesy, so we have more people joining the party.
  4. Copy the 'permalink' from your post (not the link to the front page of your blog).
  5. Add your 'permalink' to the 'inlinkz' at the bottom of this post.
  6. Click the link before you. Don’t forget to comment and if you like the blog, please follow!!
Any questions, email me on

Please note, you DO NOT have to be a follower of my blog to join the party.. I'd love to see you here!!

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Colours Dekor 

~ Patricia

Sunday 30 October 2011

Khorfakkan ~ Day trip

A fabulous day trip destination from Dubai is a getaway to Fujeirah or Khorfakkan… If you leave early in the morning, you also get to see the gorgeous sun rise… Khorfakkan is scenically the most beautiful part of the entire country. Khorfakkan belongs to the state of Sharjah but is actually surrounded by emirates of Fujeirah.
Which means a drive from Dubai would be via Dibba, Fujeirah and then finally to Khorfakkan. Don’t miss out the Fujeirah market on your way. You will find some carpets, clay pots, plants, chimes, and other random stuff.
Khorfakkan is a popular tourism spot, surrounded with huge mountains and attractive beaches. You can also try some jet skiing, diving and snorkeling when you are there.
It is definitely a getaway from the husle and busle of life in Dubai. Its quite, serene, scenic… You can hear the shores, the birds and watch the clouds… The colours of the mountains blend perfectly against the blues of sea and the whites of the sand…
The drive back is incomplete without a stop of chai (tea!). You don’t necessarily have to take the same route back to Dubai. The drive through the mountains is surely worth a shot!! Have you been to Khorfakkan?? Let me know!!

What a lovely day!! *sigh*

Saturday 29 October 2011

Halloween Decor

Are you joining us for Halloween this year?? for some gorgeous, pumpkins and stunning witch's hats ... more orange beauty... Come on in!! *smiles*

Now.. the candles did not survive past Diwali... so here is what the foyer looks like...

A few sketches in the frames... and some black paint... The girls have been busy....

another look...

I found the black tea lights at IKEA...

and the spiders belongs to Sims since she was two...

And if you happen to enter the guest restroom, the bats have taken over... as well...

on the way upstairs... some more bats...

Now.. the centre table...

The witch left her hat here... *smiles*

Orange.. is my favourite colour...

So... what do you think?? Isn't it pretty??

Friday 28 October 2011

Diwali magic

Tell me what did you do this Diwali?? Just like every year, we created some magical moments with our closest friends *smiles*!! Every minute with family & friends is precious!! 

Here is a quick glimpse of my nest this Diwali.. I was actually far too tired to click any more pics... sorry!!

Totally love... love.. how magical diyas look...

Its amazing how just minutes before the puja... everything suddenly falls into place... And the home always ... always... looks stunning!!

Creating a lotus magic... on my dining table... What do you think??

Purple floating candles... with pink stones in them... I love the magic of purple and pink!!

And our front yard... complete with all these gorgeous diyas... that my little ones lined up... *smiles*

Oh.. and I got these new lights for the garden.. Aren't they pretty??

So go on.. and tell me what you did this Diwali?? And don't forget to be a part of the Colours Dekor Give away!! I can't wait to send you a stunning Diwali gift.. *smiles*

Thursday 27 October 2011

Diwali goodies

I'm always inspired by Komali Nunna and her book ~ Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian Kitchen ~ is my constant inspiration .. and each image in the book is my dream... *sigh* You've got to see it... to believe it!! *smiles*

Anyway... so here is what my cousin & I ... did for Diwali.. She made all the stuff.. I assembled it.. *smiles*.. Yes!! What are cousins for!!

We got these pretty glasses for kachori chaat... Don't you think I have awesome cousins??

And the below is samosa rabri that she put together...

I'm impressed with her!! I truly am!! She was ... and always will be... my little cousin... Obviously growing up too fast... *sobs*

So here.. is how it looks.. all together... a very desperate attempt to be Komali Nunna!! *smiles*

Happy Diwali... to you and your loved ones.. Hope you had a fabulous, sparkling day!! *hugs*

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to you and your families.. Hope you have a joyful celebration!!

The beautiful card on top... is Rhea's creation... (My friend Winny's daughter)... Wait to see Winny's work.. *smiles*...

A few images of earthen pots used indoors and outdoors...

all gorgeously preparing for Diwali...

I picked all these in Fujeirah... Aren't the simply stunning??

Rangolis on our foyer table... We decided we were not doing any on the floor...

close up...

All set for Diwali... celebrations.. *smiles*

My friend Winny... made the below rangoli on a board for me... *smiles*.. Isn't that special?? Sure makes me feel special... Its stuck on the board... and can be used anywhere!!

Hope you all are having a stunning Diwali... May the lights brighten up your lives... *smiles*..

Monday 24 October 2011

Giveaway & The Weekly Story ~ wk 54

And so the festivities begin!! Yes, they do!! That's why Shopo and Colours Dekor has a gift for you... More about that in a while....

For now... here is my wish list from the Shopo Diwali Fever!!

I'd like to stick to the lotus theme with these gorgeous cushion covers from Mish Mash Design

And a few more festive cushions from Varnam

Oooohhh... the colours of a peacock.. (with some pink)... from Anek Designs

And more.. peacocks... from Artnlight

Now getting into the Diwali mood with diyas from Alankarik Art and Fanales India

Now... the Weekly Story linky party will continue as normal... *smiles*... so do join in...

Shopo & Colours Dekor will gift three winners one item from their wish list for the value of Rs. 1000. And we promise to ship this to you anywhere in the world...

You have three chances of entering the give away... and here is how...

1st Entry:

a. Do a blog post on your blog with a wish list from Shopo Diwali Fever (any three items). Please link back to Colours Dekor and Shopo. The linky will be open till Sunday ~ 30th October for you to link in your posts with your wish list.

b. If you are a non blogger, please post a comment about your wish list here at Colours Dekor or at the Shopo Facebook page or Colours Dekor facebook page

2nd Entry:

Tweet about the give away and let me know.

3rd Entry:

a. If you like what you see here, follow Colours Dekor ~ the blog or facebook page.

b. If you like what you see at Shopo, follow them on facebook.

Winners will be announced on Monday ~ 31st October .... 
So what are you waiting for, hop on to Shopo and prepare your wish list... 

We are waiting to send you a gorgeous gift... *smiles*

Please grab the Colours Dekor 'The Weekly Story' button!!

Colours Dekor 

~ Patricia