Sunday 31 July 2011

Enchanting Entrances ~ Tanu

Hello my lovelies!!.... Can't believe its the last day of the month already... *sigh*... I was meant going to do a round up of Enchanting Entrances... till I saw these stunning photos that I simply have to share....
You've seen Tanu's gorgeous hand painted Garden wall.... now see her post for Enchanting Entrances. Tanu blogs at Fly High with some absolutely stunning photography!!
Welcome! Please Enter...
Please leave your shoes
and mind outside :) Have a taste of togetherness...
This is our reading space, tea-sipping, relaxing space...
Can you notice the leaves painted on the wall, near my Buddha's painting...
Here is a close up of the flower vase that you see in the above pic (to the left)
The view from the window is of trees dancing in the wind...
I am in love with the red coloured earth :)
The pictures on the walls were shot by me in Scotland

I have one more stunning entry to share with you .... which will now flow into next month...
Will do a round up post soon.... Till then, go on and check out some Enchanting Entrances!!

Saturday 30 July 2011

Bandhavgarh National Park

I simply had to share what I stumbled upon !! As I am eternally planning a holiday… every single day of my life, today I came across this – Bandhavgarh National Park (Please click to view their website) Bandhavgarh National Park is spread at vindhya hills in Madhya Pradesh. It consists of a core area of 105 sq km and a buffer area of approximately 400 sq km of topography varies between steep ridges, undulating, forest and open meadows. Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers. The density of the Tiger population at Bandhavgarh is the highest known in India. So to spot a tiger… you’ve got to go to Bandhavgarh.
Places to see around Bandhavgarh... Forts & Other places
And this is definitely where one should stay.... Click picture for link
I'm off to plan my vacation...
This is surely where I can going for my summer vacation !! If any of you have been, please give me your honest suggestions on Thanks in advance!!

Thursday 28 July 2011

...a peep into my closet

...have you had your mom yell at you for keeping a messy room or an untidy closet? Mine did! and quite often!!...and when I wouldn't pay much attention to her yelling...she would happily dump the entire closet on the floor. Imagine entering your room to find your clothes, perfume bottles, earrings, your special possessions lying on the floor! I would get furious and be in tears but to no avail! My amma would just say..."This is my home, and until you are here, you will do as i say" !! I would equate my amma to Lalita Pawar for being so mean...! Today, when we have made our own homes, I am so thankful for my amma for being so strict and being the disciplinarian. If my amma taught me loads of good stuff, my aunts taught us how to fold the sheets, the pillow cases and towels and sarees and.....:-) It had to be done a particular way... No arguments there....I am sure my aunts are smiling when they read this and today...I often thank these wounderful ladies for all their teachings...*smile*. Now a quick peep into some of my closet spaces... The kitchen pantry... The Linen closet... The 'Godrej' version for the precious Sarees and Chudidars... from office depot Crockery space... Trunk used to store comforters... Most of my FB friends have seen earrings 'store' from early last year... What does your closet look like? Tell us,... Adios!

candles and candles..

I simply love candles.... and how they make the any space look gorgeous...
Lots of tea lights in glass holders... some with water... some with pebbles... on a mirror top....
The mirror is what makes it look even more gorgeous... Isn't it???
Do you love candles as much as I do??

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Front Porch ~ Part 3

This one is my favourite... Tell me what you think...
We did this... when mom called her friends... for an 'oldies' party *grin*.... Everyone was thrilled... a zillion compliments came my way... They loved the cushions... and totally loved the old styled lantern...
Totally made my day... When I try something new at home.. I totally love it... when people notice... And guess what... everyone.. except... hubby darling noticed it.. *smiles*
Sure hope you are being part of our 'Enchanting Entrances'...

Monday 25 July 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 41

Hello Monday morning!! I'm on holiday!! Yay!! Yay!! But I want you to tell me where you are?? or what you are upto?? So I'm still hosting the weekend wrap up!! Hope you guys are missing me!! Do you remember seeing my friend Alex's little nest?? Well that was her old home... sometime next month I'll take you on a tour of her new place!! Anyway... here is something she got for her home... and then passed on to me!! Remember.. I keep telling you to recycle your stuff.. Here is a perfect example!! I totally love this little gift from her... Brings lots of colour to my home!! And a lot of people find it comfy to sit on this... really!! I'm a bit surprised! *sigh* Anyway... Isn't it gorgeous!? Hope you are joining in the Weekend Wrap up this week... ... ...

  1. Do a post on your blog. It has to be 'your' photograph !! (post atleast one picture... its nice to see!!) and it can really be anything you did over the weekend – example – a fun recipe you tried out, a craft project, a DIY, a table top, a few candles, coffee with friends or a good book or a movie review… The list is endless… just about ANYTHING… and anything about YOU !! *smiles* ... It can also be 'anything pretty' ...
  2. No images from other websites or magazines please!! This is about YOU.
  3. Link back to my blog.... only as a courtesy, so we have more people joining the party.
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Colours Dekor

~ Patricia

Saturday 23 July 2011

Kolkotta, cultural capital of India

I’m still on holiday... so another post on India!! *smiles* We went to Kolkota in July 2009 for a wedding and stayed there for all of four days… which clearly isn’t enough to explore the city. But here is a glimpse of what I saw… and what I thought. Calcutta as I like to call it… is a vibrant city on the move, volatile and unpredictable. The people warm, intelligent with great love for sport and the language extremely beautiful. The streets, structures & suburbs of Calcutta has clear imprints of the Victorian era. Even the Howrah bridge looks like a legend!!
I found it fascinating and a bit strange to see the rickshaws pulled by another person on his foot. But to the people there… it was obviously a way of life. I refused to sit on one of those… I’d rather walk and be lost!! The underground railway is definitely worth visiting, just to see how clean and orderly Calcutta can be!!! As the trains zoom past clean platforms, you feel far away from the chaos that reigns overhead. Shopping is a must. New Market (formerly known as Hogg Market), Gariahat, Dakshinapan, Central Cottage Industries Emporium, brassware shops along Kalighat Road, near the Kali temple, shops and auction houses on Park Street, Russel Street, Little Russel Street and Free School Street, and the Bengal Home Industries showroom to name a few. Oh and when in Calcutta, don’t forget to visit the College Street Book market where with a little patience, you can discover many books at minimal costs. When you are there stop by at the College St Coffee Shop, and sit down for people watching and coffee. Royal Botanic Garden has a huge collection of beautiful orchids, palm trees, bamboos, and about 1700 plant species. The main attraction of the botanical gardens is the giant size banyan tree that has a huge…. Really huge canopy. Victoria Memorial is more palatial than a memorial really!!! It echoes inside… The echoes I cannot describe. Many of India’s old rulers are represented here in stone. The Queen still lives here in stone & paint.
Calcutta, also famous as the "City of Joy" is well known for Mother Teresa and her charity works. Although she is no more, but helping the poor still continues in Calcutta’s heart. Other places to visit in Calcutta are St. Paul's Cathedral, the Second Hooghly Bridge casts a mystic spell over the city centre, the buildings of North Calcutta, the Marble Palace (the oldest zoo), The National Musuem preserve the heritage that the city has been flaunting for centuries, the Nakhoda Mosque (the largest mosque in Calcutta) and Jorasanko Thakur Bari (Tagore Family heritage).
What upset me the most about Calcutta was my visit to the Kali Mandir. I had heard so much about it, that the whole reason for planning on attending the wedding was because it was in Calcutta and I could go to this Mandir. But when I was there… it was a different story altogether. The street vendors did not stop hoarding you to leave your shoes in their stall. As though that was not enough, there were a few men following us to the temple… continuously telling us that our shoes will get stolen if not left in their stalls. I’m not normally this heartless, but to add to these men following me… there were a few beggars as well. They assumed that rubbing their dirty hands against tourists clean arm would in some way help them to get money. Well… I was not ready to give in. I kept yelling ‘No’, ‘Nahi’… but no one would listen. I braved it all the way to the temple… when I removed my flip-flops… one of the guys was ready to walk away with them. That was it… I took my flip-flops and walked straight back to my car. Sorry Kali Ma… probably some other time!! This incident hugely upset me!! The city of Calcutta is a city of baffling paradoxes, fascinating, bewitching & bewildering, a city that leaves its stamp on your mind forever!! It is well worth a visit!

Friday 22 July 2011

Little Food Junction

Have you been to Little Food Junction?? The title reads... Ideas to feed little picky eaters.... and Smita is a total genius... with the brightest of ideas.... Here is her labour of love...
Would you like a shirt for breakfast??
How about some home made mango jelly?? Your little one... will never eat outside again.. *sigh*
I have a lot to learn from Smita.... What about you??
This one is my favourite.... Zoo Sandwiches...
Smita Srivastava is the name behind Little Food Junction!! The art of gorgeous food... She has a Master's degree in design and worked for ad agencies prior to opting to be a stay at home mom. Currently living in New Delhi with her husband and lovable daughter.... Apart from styling cute food, she loves to paint, bake, do craft and recycled art.. and a lot more.. Hop on to Little Food Junction for more!!
Are you as creative with food?? We'd love to feature you... if you are a food artist... email us.. on

Thursday 21 July 2011

ShoeBox : Gift Box?

I had a reasonably old shoe box lying around and wanted to do something to recycle it. Look on to see how I transformed it into a pretty lil gift box using very simple accessories like tape and metallic 3D paints. I also used pictures out of magazines and a lot of art.
Recycling something and using a bit of creativity almost always means that you will end up with something that's super gorgeous. What's even better is that, the recipient will be so touched to have something so personalized for a gift :)
Isn't this shoebox gift box pretty? Let me know how you liked it!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Entrance way ~ 1st Round Up

Are you joining in our July party ~ with entrances & foyers?? Here is quick round up!!

My Dream Canvas joined in..... with her gorgeous find!!
Front porch make over by Cherish Dream Live Shanthi, from Home Shanthi Home, linked in her Green Thumb post !! More on entrance ways by Cherish Dream Live Rama's stunning entrance ways @ Time, time, I have all the time!! Ethically chic ~ with her stunning entrance way!!
And here is the gorgeous Entrance from Colours in my Mind !!
Hope to see you link in too... @ Enchanting Entrances!!