Saturday 30 April 2011

Back yard...

Yard!! *smiles*... the space we have can hardly be called a back yard.. Its a little space.... where you definitely can enjoy a lovely evening.. a hot cup of tea... or simply some peace ....
The above pic is my new 'cozy corner'...
Here is where we entertain our guests.... the wroght iron table is made to look new by my uncle... when he was here on his short holiday.. He even painted my bench.. *smiles*
This is new.... It didn't find a place in my home.... so its outdoors now...
The hanging lamp is a gift by Kamini... isn't it gorgeous!!

Friday 29 April 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Collection

As I was looking through the 'Green Thumb' posts ... I was awestruck by the love... some of you have for your greens!! Some of the entries are a true inspiration!! Do check all the entries out...
Here is the second round up... Starting with a tutorial for a pot or tea light holder at Creativity My Passion!!
Joining in with 'the smell of Spring' is Rainbow - the colours of life!
Anandhi showed us some Creative Flower Arrangements !!
Showing us some Harmony in Green ~ With a dash of Colour
A Creative Project joined in... with their Spring Blooms as well... *smiles* Sensitive Creations showed off some gorgeous greens... This one to envy for sure!!
Liven Things Up joined in again, with an interesting garden store Harith Tharang in Chennai!!
Sharing an amazing DIY... ~ ~ Roundabout!!
Kala joined in with a Touch of Whimsy !!
Lifestyle ~ Nisha also joined in with her mom's greens... *smiles*
Oh.. and our last entry ... is a gorgeous inpsiration... Frangipani Decor
Is this enough to inspire you?? If not, go and check the rest of the entries to Green Thumb Decor...
Colours Dekor
Feel free to grab the 'featured on' button *smiles* ... and thank you to all my lovelies... for joining in the Green Thumb Series in April...
Hope to see you joining in May for the next round of 'In the Spotlight'

Thursday 28 April 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Shoba's indoors

Hope you enjoyed Shoba's outdoor series.... Here are some images of her breathtaking indoors.. *sigh*
A little about Shoba ~

My name is Shoba and I am an engineer by profession. I am a mom to an eleven year old bratz Shreya who is my go to gal for my clothing advice. I love being outdoors, travelling and exploring new places, browsing the web, reading all the d├ęcor blogs and garden blogs in my spare time. On weekends I bug, and sometimes bribe my daughter and husband to join me on my hikes. Both of them can compete in winning the title “Couch Potato”, so I have to put extra effort in getting them out !

The little white swan and the black flowery containers are goodwill finds.

Succulents are my current favourite, since after many trials and errors and after killing a lot of plants, I have found that most succulents need less tending and seem to survive better.

Someone at work left some mugs for free and I picked a few that looked cute and brought them home. I filled them with soil and stuck a succulent in them and I make sure I sprinkle very little water once a week. They bring me cheer when I am washing the dishes !

I spray painted a mirror (which needed some TLC) I found on clearance. With the husband’s help we hung it in the garden to add a pop of color.

Hope you enjoyed the Green Thumb series as much as I did... Don't forget to check out the other entries... !!

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Sims

Sims.... my older one... wanted to show off her decor ideas as well... Here is featuring the little bits that she added to our garden...
One shopping trip to Daiso.. and a few of these... What do you think?
Hope you are joining the Green Thumb Decor series... link in... or email the pictures to

Some Black,...some Crystal,...some Silver...

Hey everyone,...I have been away for a while, working the hours away in a major business portal implementation, that we started about 15 months ago. With the 1st phase in production, we are a wee bit relaxed,...though we are still working 18 hr days.! This being the long weekend with Easter and/or Good Friday being celebrated all over the world, we had limited users to support, which meant some relaxing time, and time to create something fun, pretty and quick. I had earlier shared with you my passion for working with beads,... and this post is an extension of the same...though you will see, my latest love is Black and more Black, some Crystal and some Silver...The designs are simple, yet add drama... Watchout, there is lots of Black!!! Dull Silver flower woven with silver and crystal beads... Black and Crystal beads crocheted to larger beads and strung together... Black and Silver rings hung on strings of tiny black beads...
Crystal beads strung on dark bronze chain... Hope you enjoyed the post! Adios until next time... Anu (Anpu) Somanath

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Green Thumb Decor - Shoba

Joining our Green Thumb Decor today, is Shoba... all the way from her home in California.. Today, is Shoba's outdoor series... and a few pictures from her moms garden. Tomorrow... will be a gorgeous post on indoor plants... and a little more about Shoba... Keep watching this space for absolutely creative Green Thumb decor... *smiles*
Sorry... the post is long.. but I tried my best.. to select a few pictures.. and simply failed..
Over to Shoba ~

I grew up in a small town in south India, where water was scarce and temperatures soared most of the time. My parents being avid gardeners, even in such harsh conditions managed to grow flowers and fruits. They recycled water used for washing clothes and such, to spare water for their plants. Their love for plants has surely rubbed off on me. I am not as good as them in keeping my plants alive but I try.

A friend was throwing away the planter box and I brought it home and reused it. The shell hanging is so cute and is hand made by a couple who are our friends. They handpicked those shells on their travel to Mexico and I really appreciate this gift.

All these years in California, mostly we were in homes with shaded balconies so I could only grow ferns and other plants that needed very less sunlight. Last year when we were moving again, I was very particular in moving to a house with a small backyard/patio and also a house that got lots of sunlight. The best part of the house now is all the sunlight that comes streaming in the morning into my kitchen and living room !

I simply love the above picture... and so want a stand like that... Isn't that gorgeous?
*sigh* a blissful morning.... sipping coffee and watching these... *sigh*

I spray painted a mirror (which needed some TLC) I found on clearance. With the husband’s help we hung it in the garden to add a pop of color.

Here are a few pictures of her mom's garden.. Thank you Shoba for going out of the way and sharing these as well... *smiles*
Have you seen all the lovely entries for the Green Thumb Series... Are you going to join in??