Thursday 30 April 2009

Mahua Kothi

Have you been to Bandhavgarh?? I am eternally planning holidays, and as part of this years planning, we have decided to take the kids to Bandhavgarh. I don’t know if I will be staying at the Mahua Kothi as yet, but I liked the interiors of the place so much that I had to post about it even before got there myself! I’ve stayed at a similar looking place during my trip to Kenya. I think it was the Fairmont Masai Mara. I’ll post pics of that place, when I find it. (sorry! this was a random thought!)
The outdoor dining area –
Look at the outdoors, I can imagine myself here for sure –
The place looks so serene and beautiful.
This is how the little tents / cottages look. Go on pamper yourself!

I’d love to sit here with my cup of tea….
And when I’m done.. indulge in this…
I’m sharing this, so all of you can plan a trip to this lovely place. Go ahead and spoil yourselves and dont forget to send me some pics!!

Thursday 23 April 2009

Lighting your home

Lamps are now a significant part of home décor. A small lamp can truly change the ambience and mood of your whole home. I’m not a tube light person at all. I don’t know why??!! Different rooms surely have different requirements. But just by using an appropriate form of lighting a space can instantly turn from boring to a cosy appealing one. Here are a few images of the different forms of lights in my home! A lamp from IKEA in the background… These look like a bouquet of flowers by day… and change into lights by night -
This was a Christmas gift. The vase is brownish on top and turquoise at the bottom. Didn’t kind of go with my home… so at first I tried giving it away. As we were removing our Christmas decorations…. This stuck me!!! Put the tree lights in the vase… and voila was my new lamp! This now being my favourite lamp.
One more for the table –
I just love this lamp… and the reflections on the wall –
In the balcony – (work still under process).
I just love candles and lamps… Hence more posts to follow !!
Do you have a unique lamp or a elegant idea turned into a lamp… Do share it with me on

Thursday 16 April 2009

Swinging Beds

I'm away for five days... Yippee!! And am leaving you with my favourite bedroom inspiration... the swinging bed.
Would you like one of these??

Friday 10 April 2009

Number Tag

I was thrilled to be tagged by D’s blog. When I read her post, the tag looked really easy… but when I got started, I realised the numbers 1 to 10 had so much to say…

1 Sun that shines and makes our every day bright & beautiful…
I appreciate him the most!!
I used to sing this song to my brother –
Chanda hai tu… mera suraj hai tu…
(which roughly translates to, ‘you are my sunshine, you are my moonlight')
So this is for you…
My no. 1 bro!! Sav!

2 daughters who brighten my life...

3 brothers who continue to give me sleepless nights!

4 blogs that keep me inspired!!

5 Handbag essentials (for me) – lip gloss, perfume, measuring tape (just incase I find a good piece of furniture), handbook (to write down the measurements), wallet (to pay for the furniture)

6 skills I’d like to learn over the next few years – photography, law degree, pottery, baking, basic sewing and learn French

7 hours I spend at work… working!!

8 years of bliss – since my husband and I tied the knot! (Ever wonder why they call marriage that? A knot?!)

9 friends I can count on today… My mommy, Rose, Jina, Sai, Sunil, Karishma, Sally, Anamika, Alex

10 mins at night… I spend saying ‘Thank You’

In return I’d like to know my new blogger friends better and tag ‘YOU’ Aditi , Annette , Aswathy

DoodleDuck , Lakshmi , Nikita

Rose , Sampoorna, Shalini , Sharon

Its actually an invitation to anyone who reads this tag, go ahead and play with the numbers... its fun!! And let me know.. so I can read your post.

Happy Easter

It was time to remove the Dora party decoration. There were so many balloons still inflated that I didn’t feel like throwing them away. So I hung a few from the side of the blinds and the ceiling lamp in the kids room – that was my creativity for the day – We don’t do too much for Easter. I normally get the girls to make cardboard wreaths (egg shaped)… or atleast a few painted eggs to hang around the house. As you can see, this time I was not too organised. So took out my little box and put out all the old stuff I had. Here are a few pictures around the house –
On the coffee table –
On the dining table -
Chocolates being the best part of Easter !
Here is my Easter inspiration --
Hope you all have a great Easter celebration !!

Saturday 4 April 2009

4th Birthday 'Dora Theme Party'

On Friday, my house was transformed into a Party Hall to celebrate my younger daughters 4th Birthday. (Thank you Sampoorana for the lovely message!). This is what we did…. Rose & I were a bit nervous about having 18 kids at home. This is the first time I’ve had a kiddie party at home. It was a Dora – The Explorer theme party!!
Arrows leading the way to my home…

“The party is here”… the main door!!
The archway leading to the party hall… with multicoloured balloons. We had streamers hanging from the ceilings…
My orange wall…
The kids made this…. (with a little bit of help of course!). Simone (my older kid)... made the flowers from crepe paper... we had these all around the house!! They looked great!!
The piñata and gift bags…
My girls and I made a few star catchers around the house… using Dora stickers.
We played a few games… ‘Dora Says’, ‘Pin the tail on Boots’, ‘Musical Caps’, ‘Dora’s Corners’….
With my little knowledge of Photoshop, I made certificates for the winners…
The door that leads to the ‘dining area’… We transformed the kids bedroom to a place where they all could sit down for a meal.
Hired a few tables and chairs… and the kids had a leisurely meal.

The plates were set with ‘blow horns’ and ‘caps’… with Dora all over them!!!
We cut the cake…
A few goodies… to eat after…
We had Dora, Boots and Swiper on the burgers as well….
It was all well worth it… The kids had a great time!!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing these… as much as we enjoyed decorating the place.