Sunday 22 March 2009

Blinds over curtains

Thank you Annette who blogs at Wallys Paper for the post on blinds. It was lovely to see your warm home and how well the blinds fit in. I’m not sure I think the same about the blinds in my home !! The living area blinds have a leafy print. Kind of feels like the shadow of the plants outside. The blinds are lovely… but am not so sure they fit in well with my traditional dark wood décor. What do you think?? Butterflies in my girls room look the best. They are very pleased and so am I!!! The blinds here are translucent (not transparent) which means that there is sufficient light in the house but it doesn’t get too hot in the summers.
This is the print ~
The blinds in my space are called ‘black out’ blinds, which means… if it’s not drawn the rooms looks absolutely dark. I’ve had these for a few days now and can actually feel the difference between curtains and blinds in a warm (rather hot), sunny place like Dubai!! You sure need blinds!
This is how my space looks ~
Well something doesn’t look right in my mom’s room. Don’t get me wrong, the blinds are lovely with little hearts on them, but don’t you think it looks rather bare, undressed types??!!! Please suggest how I can improve this~~ I have a few ideas in mind… and am working on them, but any suggestions are more than welcome!!
Check out more ‘Home Series Blinds’. I have also seen photographs and company logos printed on the blinds. I believe they can custom make and print anything, which I thought was rather impressive. Do check out Serial Trading Dubai who are the distributors on the blinds here for their complete range, and their counterparts in India are Marvel Trading. They obviously have the conventional styles, but the printed ones are out of this world… and I’ve never seen them before!!

Monday 16 March 2009

Décor for Corner spaces

I’m always in this dilemma… what should I decorate a corner space with?? Inspired by this image - I attempted to decorate a corner of my mom’s bedroom with these -
That didn’t look too good…. So I thought a few Gods would do the trick!!!
I had this for a few months… and then changed it to this…
My daughter broke the Buddha… and I was ever so upset… so I replaced it with something metallic!! I then decided to make it into a punishment corner!!
Finally got fed up of my numerous attempts.. … and still have nothing in the corner space and just a lamp ..
Please let me know if you have any better ideas???

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Colourful Bedrooms

While clearing some archives today, I found these lovely images of colourful bedrooms. These are my inspirations, that I wish to share.

I have forever wanted to colour atleast one wall in my bedroom. However, after years and years of hunting for the perfect colours, the walls still remain a neutral cream-ish colour. This is only because I love to change the curtains and the bedcovers... which means... the colours in my house change atleast four time in a year.

So... still hunting for the perfect bedroom colours.... here are my inspirations - I think these pics must be from the Asian Paints website!! Although I must admit, I dont remember!

This one, I like in particular. The wall colour is dark, but the bright yellow compliments it. And the bedcover is an absolute contrast as well. I admire people who experiment with colours. If your bedroom is as colourful as these, please share the image with me - This might just inspire me to paint atleast one wall!!

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Peak into my nest (Part II)

You’ve already seen my foyer… now welcome into my home. Here is where I spend most of my time, here is where I welcome my family and friends… here are the happy memories that form the rainbow of my life.

Every little piece of furniture has a long story behind it… so I’ll spare you.. (only for today!)

When its winter outside, its sunny and bright in my home. Here is my very Indian home decor... View my living space from different angles –

This was the first piece of furniture that my husband & I purchased… ‘The swing’… by far my favourite!! Infact not only my favourite… but the love of all those who have visited my home!
Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is the fairest of them all???
The love corner… or seating for the gossiping two… with a cup of tea.. or coffee!! I love the lamp… and had to do a fair bit of hunting to find the appropriate one!
The Rajasthani dolls over look my dining space.
Hope you liked my humble abode!

Sunday 1 March 2009

I just love candles...

I’m fascinated by light in all forms!! Hence my love for candles. This love being very visible in my home… and ofcourse I need an excuse to light up my home with candles.
These candles in a pot pourri is a creation by Alex (my friend!). Isn’t that lovely! I’m inspired !!